Simple Tips and Tricks to Keep SEO Friendly Website

SEO is not only to mark your brand in SERP but also to reach more target audiences in less time. Here are a few tips regarding how the page should be and website should be created to make it SEO friendly.

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Manoj Shukla

March 2, 2019

If you are creating a website SEO friendly website, it will improve your presence on search engines and boost the website ranking on the search engine resultant page (SERP). You can optimize your website or connect with the prominent SEO Company in Bangalore.

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How to Make Website Search Engine Friendly

By following these essential tips & techniques, you can create an SEO optimized website.

URL Structure

Every page must contain a unique URL Structure where the search engine and the user can easily understand. URL must contain target keywords that tell the search engine about that page. Use hyphens instead of Underscore or spaces and the URL should be short. If the URL is long, the search engine finds it difficult to understand.

Choosing the Right Keywords

Keywords can be chosen by Customer research, Google auto completes, Competitor’s analysis, Google keyword planner and picking the targeted keyword. And placing Google friendly keywords in Meta title, Meta description, heading tags within a Character limit. Right keywords help you to write SEO friendly article.

Avoid Duplicate Content

When Google updates the Panda algorithm for thin and duplicate content in the websites, it will affect the search ranking. Unique and useful content must be present on Websites. SEO friendly content writing is more useful and helps your website ranking and engage traffic to your website.

Page Interlinking

The website must contain navigational links and hyper-linking where the user can easily understand and stay in the website longer by reading the relevant topics in the websites. Page interlinking works well to make an SEO friendly website.

Responsiveness and Page speed

Improving your page speed and doing mobile friendly SEO will help to load your pages faster. The website must be responsive while using it on all kinds of devices. If the website speed is low, the user gets frustrated easily. The website must be responsive and load faster on all devices.

Create XML sitemap and robots.txt File

HTML sitemap is placing links in the web page where the user can easily understand. Placing URL in XML sitemap and submitting in Google webmaster tools which are useful for search engines to understand URL’s easily. Robots.txt file is used for the search engine to indicate whether the URL can be allowed or disallowed.

Using Schema Markup

The schema is the markup code, which gives the information available in that code by this search engine to easily understand them to improve the search ranking for that website. Types of Schema: Business, product, review, article, blog, etc.

Image Optimization

You should work on image optimization to improve its SEO. The image should be quality but not affect the page loading and all images in the website should be present with an alt attribute, where the search engine can easily identify the image in the website.

Final Words

The above tips search engine friendly discussed in the article will help you to create an SEO friendly website. You can apply these given tricks and will surely see positive results in terms of SERP ranking of your website.