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Get your website SEO optimized and rank organically. We are specialized in various SEO strategies and techniques that helps your website to rank in first page of search results and webomindapps rated #1 Search Engine Optimization Company in Bangalore.

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Webomindapps: SEO Services

Webomindapps is the top SEO company in Bangalore, providing high quality SEO services and optimizing the website to bring in search results.

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SEO Company in Bangalore - Webomindapps

Webomindapps helps you to improve your website ranking, increase your website traffic and generate leads. So increase your business performance with an SEO agency in Bangalore who follow advance SEO strategies like:

SEO audit for the website

Analyze the website, understand the flaws, list out the errors, understand the target goals and generate the report.

Understand the business goals

Need to understand the business goals, who are the target audience, how to reach the right people & what is the trend.

SEO Optimization

Optimize the website by adding the necessary keywords, fresh content, decrease the page speed and increase the performance of website.

Mobile friendly websites

Nowadays mobile users are high, the website must load faster and perform well on the mobile which makes user to visit the website easily.

Grow website traffic

Increase traffic by providing informative and useful content on the website and perform off page optimization to improve more traffic.

Social Media

Create a business profile on social media and share informative content with attractive images to increase brand awareness.


01. Brand Awareness:

To grow your Business online, Branding is more important for visibility in the marketplace. SEO increases your brand value to reach the audience to know well about your business online.

02. Boost your ranking:

If your website is not listed on the top in search engine, SEO technique is an important one to boost your website ranking high in search engine result page to generate leads for your Business.

03. Rule Marketplace Online:

When the buyer is looking for product/services, If you are in the top position in search results you can succeed to generate the leads easily more than your competitors.

04. Increase Traffic and Sales:

Through SEO we bring traffic to websites easily, optmize the website to load faster that makes the user to reach the website and through USP you can increase the sales.

05. Mobile friendly:

Keep your website mobile responsive , If the loading time is faster and have worthy content on your website the bounce rate will be high and it boost your ranking.

06. Landing page optimization:

When the user enters into the website and gets back quickly the page ranking will be down. Optimize content, images, and videos so the audience can spend more time in the web page.

07. Conversion and Leads:

The website is important to generate leads for your business. We make the user to land on the website and make him engaged with content to improve the conversion rate.

08. ROI:

SEO plays an important role in Online business with low cost of investment to generate more leads organically and increase your business revenue.

best seo company in bangalore
Do you want to get more leads?

If your website is ideal in the search engine, there are no visitors and there is no incoming traffic to your site, here are the tips that will help to optimize your website and generate more leads in the search engine. We at Webomindapps offering SEO services in Bangalore to boost your ranking to increase your traffic and leads for a website with high return of investment.

Ranking in Google My Business is very easy by just following basic SEO rules and concentrating on location related keywords and having high scaled reviews. As a leading SEO marketing company in bangalore who understand your requirements and take your website in the top of search results with the help of SEO experts in bangalore at affordable SEO Services. Webomindapps is known as search engine marketing and SEO firm in Bangalore who can offer the best and affordable SEO company.

The key factors to generate more leads for your business in the search engine:

  • Optimized keywords in URLs, title description and heading tags where search engine can easily understand and boost your ranking.
  • Compress the images, add the schemas and having the blog are the additional procedures.
  • Good content with good information engages more traffic.
  • Loading faster and being compatible with all the devices is must.
  • User Interface should be attractive so that user can stay for a long time in our webpage.
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Understand Your Business

Understanding the business needs and requirements of the customers


Keyword Analysis

Based on the Business, Product or Services, we analyze the keywords that to be targetted


On Page Optimization

We target the keywords in URL, Meta title, description, and Image tags to boost your ranking.


Content Optimization:

Organic Search is 70% dependent on content. Having fresh content with targetted keywords helps in ranking.


Traffic for websites:

We make your website visibility in first page of search engine result that increases the traffic.


Off-Page Optimization:

Submitting your website URL's in other websites and generating the traffic from external source.


Mobile Optimization (AMP):

We design and develop mobile friendly websites & also create AMP pages to load faster in mobile devices.


Schema Optimization

We add Local My Business schema, article schema, blog schema, video schema, product schema.

1.What is SEO and how it helps?

SEO is a technique that helps you to increase your website ranking in the search engine like Google, Bing Yahoo, etc, Increase more traffic to your website and generate leads the organic way for your business.

2.What is the Importance of SEO?
  1. Improve brand visibility
  2. Local and Global Targeting
  3. Top ranking in search results
  4. Increase traffic
  5. Lead generation
  6. High ROI
3.Want to follow Google algorithms and updates for SEO?

Yes, we must follow google algorithms and updates because Google is too smart updating features an algorithm to maintain the quality website. If we follow the guidelines of Google, the website will rank higher and get more traffic.

4.If one time of SEO will my website stay always top ranking in search results?

SEO is a one-time process, It is a regular task to perform to maintain ranking and traffic source for your website, Other competitors overcome easily, So SEO is the longtime investment.

5.Advantages of SEO?
  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Business Impression
  3. Overcome Competitors
  4. Top ranking results
  5. Mobile-Friendly
  6. Best ROI
  7. Conversion
  8. Boost Sales
  9. Generate Leads
6.How Blog helps for SEO:

Blogging is important to boost SEO quality by positioning your website when the user is a search for relevant question and answer, The Blog is very good tactics to rank in the search engine and more audience to visit the website.

7.How content is important:

Google update panda algorithm for content-based optimization, If content thinner and duplicate the page will be affected and down from the ranking results, So keep unique long content with informative and user-relevant.

8.Local my Business:

It is a free tool and easy to use and giving information about businesses and organizations in google search to generate leads for your business. Optimizing by title with keywords adding keywords in labels and posting the images for views.



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Client Speaks

Akshaya Sherif

They designed my company's website and did a good job. I hope they deliver on the service and maintenance as promised. The company took good care of SEO Services and my website ranked top in google page, they are accessible and all in all they are extremely customer friendly.

- Akshaya Sherif
Nixon C

We were a bit skeptical when we started with webomindapps, but the SEO service they provided was excellent and all queries were answered promptly. During the development phase, they were very patient regarding our change requests and prompt with responses.

- Nixon C
Animesh Parida

What can i say!it is always fun to work with something new and fresh energetic team who matches your frequency ,understand each thing and deliver work on right time.Will again choose webomindapps for future projects.

- Animesh Parida

How to increase website ranking and traffic through SEO?

We Webomindapps is one of the best SEO Companies in Bangalore who helps you to grow your business over the internet. We offer cheap SEO services to increase your website traffic for your brand organically and generate leads for your website. Make your website to appear first in the search engine results when the user searching for it. With the help of SEO services company in Bangalore who ensure that accurate and relevant words to your website are used to hit the correct target audience.

SEO techniques for On page and off page Optimizations

On page Optimization:
    Changes are done within a website and optimizing it with SEO techniques for better ranking:
  • Website analysis - Analyzes the website and then rectifying the errors
  • Keyword research - Competitors analysis, Google autocomplete, Google Keyword Planner, Uber suggest, SEMrush.
  • URL: Forming correct URL structure with the keyword
  • Meta title: Title should be placed with the right keywords with 70 characters of limits
  • Meta description: Forming the description with two keywords and related sentences with 158 characters of limits
  • Heading Tags: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6
  • Image: Image should be represented with “Alt Text” so that search engine can easily understand
  • Responsive: The website must be adaptable in all kinds of devices
  • Content Optimization: Informative and user relevant content should be present and content length should be more.
  • Schema: Schema is the code that gives informative content in the markup for easy understanding to search engine.
  • AMP: It is for page speed loading in the Mobile version.
Off-page Optimization:
  • Getting the traffic source from other websites to our website.
  • Google My Business: It is free tool and easy to use for businesses and organizations to show in the google search.
  • Classified Ads: Giving information about the services on different websites.
  • Business listing: Providing information about services and publishing on various websites.
  • Article Submission: Providing informative content in an article and publishing in different websites.
  • Web 2.0 - Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Quora publishing information with relevant topics
  • Social Media Sharing: Posting content and images in social media for brand awareness
  • Forum posting: Question and Answer for relevant topics

If your websites are top 10 in search results when users search for your products or services? Drive traffic on your website through a reliable internet marketing company in bangalore. Our expert SEO services helps you to get more converting leads into sales with long-lasting customers. We offer you quick results in a less span of time that's why our client will call it as SEO Specialist in bangalore

What Client says...

Webomindapps has helped us out with SEO marketing and has continued to achieve great results within the time. I would recommend them for all kind of business who is interested to increase brand awareness and be at the top in search results. Webomindapps is the right place for SEO at reasonable rates.
Written by: Suresh Kumar
Date Published: 08/04/2019
5/5 stars