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User interface or user experience are the two visual elements that influence your customers about how good your brand or company is. Be it any website, or app, on desktop or mobile, UI & UX gives you the best opportunity to interact with your brand. Your success is directly proportional to the customers you hold on to your digital experiences on screen.

Webomindapps offers the best services of UI & UX to all kinds of industries. We do not discern in our work to our clients. You can be an upcoming start-up or an established enterprise, we stand by our work to build the best and unique solutions for every client that approaches us. As a full-service UI UX design company in Bangalore, we have a dedicated team to work closely on every project and deliver the expected outcome of the design.

Importance of good UI/UX design for your brand

If someone points out why UI or UX is important? The answer is simple. Good UI and UX designs help you get better results for your brand in the long run. How you represent yourself on the screen is what matters to the customers. A better user interface and experience tend to attract more customers and hold onto the screen, increasing the dwell time, hence the traffic.

UI/UX for Start-ups UI/UX for Small Businesses UI/UX for Big Enterprises
  • UI/UX for

    • A good user interface and experience reach as many people as possible.
    • Interacts with the product effectively and hassle-free.
    • User interface and user experience design increase your conversion rate by up to 30%.
    • Helps in enhancing the customer's loyalty and engagement.
    • For any start-up, the first thing you need to do is attract your potential customers through your application.
  • UI/UX for
    small businesses

    • Using proper UI & UX to channel your product increases brand loyalty and enhances customer satisfaction.
    • With effective UI and UX practices, you experience a low bounce rate and high dwell time.
    • A great UI upgrade to achieve a 5% increase in daily active users.
    • A new design and easy interface help you attract new customers to your platform.
    • A good UI/UX not only helps you with your customer relationships but also helps with search engine optimization.
  • UI/UX for
    big enterprises

    • With better UI and UX done right, there is no need to spend time or money on customer support.
    • A proper interface with user experience can help get your competitor’s customers.
    • A quality user interface or user experience on a website or application always offers smooth navigation.
    • A well-crafted UI or UX offers an interactive experience when accessing your web, apps, or mobile screens.
    • It also makes your interaction interesting when downloading, browsing, and purchasing.

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Different UX/UI design services we offer

Android app

  • Webomindapps stands for its quality and unified working. We create a uniform experience across different platforms and devices. Android mobile application crafted by one of the best UI UX companies in Bangalore, assures users a smooth performance, high quality, and a great user experience.

iOS app

  • iOS app design should follow the architecture and design principles of HIG. Webomindapps, make sure well-crafted and robust app designs have a 1X resolution and vector for obsolete no-loss clarity.

Hybrid app

  • Nowadays, every company wants their apps on both platforms Android and iOS. For them, our expert creator crafts Hybrid APP UI/UX. This makes mobile apps more convenient and advantageous for customers.

Web app

  • Webomindapps, the best UI UX design company in Bangalore, offers a stand-out digital experience on your Web app design that brings people and the brand handy. We strategically utilize UI/UX to create positive impressions thus driving customer engagement.


  • Our website designers create a web design that removes any clutter and enhances the elements that are to be focused on the website. Our goal is to create engageable designs using UI & UX on a website that attracts more customers and leads to conversion.


  • A usability test is the process while designing any web application or website. Webomindapps, make sure we perform multiple usability checks on different platforms across various devices. As a result, our output will have no errors, easy navigation, and no bug reports after delivering the result to the clients.

How do we process UI/UX designing in Webomindapps?

User research

Research is the key to creating any design. Be it user interface or user design, what users think of your product is most important. Detailed research lays a great foundation for crafting a neat design.

Crafting strategy

After laying a foundation to create a design, next comes the strategy. Here, we determine the most appropriate course of action and evaluate risks, objectives, and quality of engageable content.


We value the client's requirements; therefore, we undergo numerous re-designing processes to yield the results expected.


Webomindapps has a dedicated team to develop the ideas and put them into implementation. Our development team ensures that all the codes written for design match all the industry's standards.

What Makes Us the Best UI/UX Design Agency in Bangalore?

The best design solutions for B2B and B2C

  • Be it a big enterprise or a small start-up, we follow our professional ethics to provide justice to the work taken.
  • We provide standout solutions for your requirements.
  • Your inputs matter to us. Therefore, you will be involved in every discussion about your website or mobile application design.
  • Our motto is to create intuitive design experiences to increase user engagement and retention with your brand.

Our result in UI/UX designing services

  • Every design created is result oriented from the client’s perspective. When your requirements are put into strategies, our goal is to offer you better-driven results.
  • We believe in research-based design that considers your brand and your users.
  • We create a brand-centric design that helps to convert traffic into leads.
  • Personalized designs with clear and simple flows of navigation.

Visual design

  • The first thing a user sees on your application is the visual design (UX).
  • Webomindapps builds an interactive and straightforward design that engages customers.
  • The design speaks about your brand, your product, and the services provided by you.
  • Our designs will be purposeful and delightful for any user that visits your website.

User testing

  • Being a top UI/UX design agency in Bangalore, we focus on the user perspective of designing.
  • We identify real-world usability challenges with branding or designing and emphasize solving them.
  • Analyzing and understanding the flow of user interaction with the website, we rebuild the website.
  • We welcome feedback from the clients, and users to make changes that improve consumer engagement with your brand.

What our clients say

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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

We have been working with various industries to recognize us as a top UI UX design company in Bangalore. Our design team is a well-versed, skilled team that has experience in a wide range of verticals like construction, engineering, fashion, healthcare, and many more.

We offer our unbiased services to any business. Be it a start-up or a small business, or a big enterprise. Up until now, we have been focusing on a wide range of industries such as transport, fashion, healthcare, account & finance, and many more.

Reaching is made easy for our clients. You can contact us through the given number at the end of your web page. Also, you can just fill out the form to reach us, and our team contacts you for further meeting schedules.

Other services that Webomindapps offer are- website designing, web development services, E-commerce website development, WordPress website development, SEO services, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Any designing projects require time, based on the requirements of clients. However, to maintain transparency, we contact the clients for their input after every design process and modify the design accordingly. On average, a project's initial design should take approximately 3 to 4 days.