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UI/UX Design Company

A great website or application experience comes out with a great UX and UI design, while UX refers to the user’s experience and regarding its performance, UI refers to the user’s interface, the way it appears to the user. Both are very crucial aspects of a business’s success and UI/UX Development Companies in Bangalore try their best to come up with something distinct every time. At Webomindapps, we believe a nice UI with UX go hand in hand and are equally necessary for a product’s success.

Benefits of Having UI/UX for Business Websites

In today’s digital world, there is fierce competition between entrepreneurs in creating an identity for their brand and generating bigger revenues with active customer engagement. A stunning UI with efficient UX and plays a bridge for your business growth.

Here is a lis of UI/UX benefits and how it supports your business websites:

Brand buildup:

A product becomes a brand with good credibility and trust and UI UX Designing Agency in Bangalore gives provides you a reason why your site viewers transform into customers. Investing some bucks on a well- known UI/UX design studio can get you enormous brand recognition and make your brand influence bigger in the market.

Customer satisfaction:

Keeping in mind your customers’ interests and likings and have a UI/UX design as per your customers’ mindset gives higher customer satisfaction and they get a user interface with a stunning look and smooth navigation, come out happy and satisfied which boosts loyalty and your ROI increases eventually.

Improvised traffic:

Hiring a UI/UX Design Company in Bangalore will help you get plenty of quality traffic to your business website when the user experience is found to be perfect. The number of visitors will be increased and your website will hold them and also help in getting new users.


UI/UX Design Company in Bangalore creates websites with a beautiful user interface that has the best orientation and alignment of the icons, colors and font sizes is picture-perfect spread uniformly over the mobile application or web screen is considered as an engaging factor for your audience.

Features Of Our UI Design Services

Webomindapps, as a preferred UI/UX Design Agency in Bangalore, aims for designing a visually appealing and user-friendly user interface with the user interface design features as below:

Design Structure

Initial Design Structure

Before the project onset, our design team holds a meeting with the potential clients to brief out their design expectations, their UI outlook and the way they want their audience to perceive it.

design process

Design Process

As per the requirements, we follow a cycle of initial design layout, designing and re-designing from various aspects until a final picture is sketched out.

final design

Final Design

Our expert team members employ their knowledge on the latest trends and technologies to create an aesthetically pleasing design with stunning layouts with a catchy interface.

testing and delivery

Testing And Delivery

We want that the end-product is carved – out with the expected standards and is pixel perfect. It is tested on various platforms for aestheticism and then delivered.

Features Of Our UX Design Services

Webomindapps, as a preferred UI/UX Design Company in Bangalore, aims for designing an interactive user interface with effortless digital experience with the user experience design features as below:

Basic Structure

We create a structure of the entire user interface experience between users and the platform and opt-out for the most streamlined design and development process.

Intuitive Experience

Performing analytics on the researched data, we aim for providing a seamless end solution that interacts well with your customers.

Tools Utility

We make use of best-in-class design tools to make the best user experience with highly authentic frameworks.

Testing And Delivery

Only after passing through iterative regression testing phase, we prepare the final output of the user experience design and deliver it.

How Important is User Interface Design

An application’s or a website’s user interface (UI) plays a vital role in the overall experience of its users. UI/UX Development Companies in Bangalore believe user Interface design is the decisive factor to measure the traffic visiting the website, hence must be a functional and highly interactive website. When the visitors come out with a good experience, they tend to communicate about it to others and gives you better conversion rates and making your sales go up.

A study shows has that within the first 30 seconds of the visit, people tend to make a judgment about the products they see, thus it is imperative that the first glance of your website keeps them glued to their screens and to lessen bounce rate. Hence, UI plays a key role in the make or break of your customer base.

UI/UX Design Company in Bangalore

Our creativity, as UI/UX Design Agency in Bangalore, sets us apart. We offer our expertise for both UI and UX design solutions for an aesthetic and accessible UI with seamless performance. We follow a rigorous and iterative process to the clients in every discipline.

Why Choose Webomindapps as your UI/UX Agency Bangalore?

Our UI team goes beyond and employs the best typography, color theory and relevant demands for a user’s overall experience in delivering an aesthetically pleasing UI for bringing out a greater impact and makes us the best UI/UX Design Agency in Bangalore.

We follow a coherent Agile methodology and a step-by-step innovative process briefed below:

step 1 :

Study The End-User

In addition to the study of the client’s requirements, we follow a practice of studying the end-users that means to make an analysis of the company, your audience, and your competitors. With these parameters, we strategize the process of our UI/UX.

step 2 :


We strategize the risks, objectives and the design process to carve out the best strategy to be followed with quality-oriented research.

step 3 :


We follow a design and re-design process with multiple iterations and prototypes and come out with the simplified version of your website.

step 4 :


Our development squad performs its best to ensure your final website is performing fluidly and meets with all the industry standards and makes the delivery your imagination turned into reality.


Apart from being visually attractive, a good UI design should be:

  1. Clear
  2. Concise
  3. Responsive
  4. Efficient
UI/UX Design Agency in Bangalore require the following details:
  1. Brief description of the business and goals
  2. Target audience
  3. Competitors
  4. Deadline
  5. Budget
At the time of delivery, our UI team hands over the original graphic file to the client to have complete control over the website if needed in future at any time.

We believe in providing unique solutions and start working from scratch for every project.

We follow a regressive testing procedure and test the website across multiple platforms.