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Custom software development

This is the time when you are not attentive to rising competition in your industry, your business may not see new heights. How would you compete in your business race? Yes, it is with the new innovative software developed by developers your business will have aid. So, what is software development? How is it different from customized software development?

Software development is creating an application, framework, or other software components that involves conceiving, specifying, documenting, designing, programming, testing, and fixing bugs to make the program runnable on all platforms.

Custom-made software development is a process where software is customized for your business keeping your industry's standards. This process includes everything that software offers, with an additional application aid. In other words, customized software is a process of designing, creating, installing, and maintaining software for a specific set of business users, organizations, or companies.

Need for customized software for your business

Unique solutions only for your business

  • As the business grows, business becomes complicated, and the need for customized tool emerges.
  • Gives the ability to personalize your software.
  • It always fits into your company's workflow and helps to meet technology needs.
  • You can change your needs and find your solutions with customized software.

Satisfies customer's requirement effortlessly

  • Customers always expect companies to deliver personalized solutions for their problems.
  • Businesses can make any changes to their customer's requirements based on their feedback from them.
  • Adds value and generates customer loyalty, and retains potential customers.
  • Based on statistics by Mckinsey, more than 70% expect companies to have personalized software.

Additional security

  • All-purpose software is easy to hack due to its open-code nature.
  • You no need to worry about vulnerabilities in your custom-made software.
  • Customized software is always a closed-code project and is used only by specific teams.
  • With tailor-made software, intrusions are minimized to almost 0 percent.

Improved flexibility and scalability

  • Any changes can be installed by a company using specific software.
  • Scalability is an added advantage with customized software and can change to your accordance.
  • No risk of violating your licensing agreement, unlike off-shelf software.
  • Maintenance and usability do not require too many funds.

Reliability and consistency

  • Reliability in the application is the key to a successful business.
  • Custom software development comes with a support team that provides consistent maintenance.
  • Easy to solve technological problems, security loopholes, or other software-related issues.
  • Always rely on top performance and reliability with customized software.

Minimal interface problem

  • When software is built at the convenience of the client’s requirement, there won’t be many complications in the work.
  • Requires minimal training to learn how to use the software as you will be well versed with the business and the features.
  • It is easy to understand the software as each department will have a different set of operations to handle.
  • With the software customized according to your needs and requirement, the interface problem in the custom business application will be minimal.

Let's Grow Together

Software development services we provide

With a dedicated team of software developers in Bangalore, Webomindapps builds robust and agile customized software for your businesses.

Customized Software Development Software Consulting Software Integration Customized CRM Development Services Software Testing Software Maintenance and Support
  • Customized software development

    • All your requirements will be addressed and communicated for feedback.
    • Using updated technologies, we develop an easy and creative interface for your software.
    • A software that is tailor-made to solve all your business difficulties.
    • Delivers 100% excellence in software built by our developers.
  • Software

    • You can consult and discuss your project anytime. We suggest what is best for your industries based on your suggestion.
    • We consider adaptability and cost-effectiveness for your business as key elements.
    • Consultation after building each module for the approval of the project.
    • With our expertise, developers at Webomindapps build the best-customized software for your needs.
  • Software

    • Developers at Webomindapps are well-versed to implement new technologies into your application.
    • We make use of API to integrate your applications.
    • Our customized software handles any kind of software integration challenges.
    • It is integrated by following the best approaches with web app design, testing, and execution.
  • Customized CRM development services

    • We at Webomindapps do not only build software but offer SRM services as well.
    • We help you improve your business process with all your requirements.
    • Our services will be focusing on making your business automated, driving up efficiency.
    • With our CRM software services, your business improves its relationship with its customers.
  • Software

    • Webomindapps has dedicated software testers to run all our built software.
    • Assure there are no errors or bugs before handling projects.
    • We deliver hassle-free, high-performance software that is error-free.
    • Provides extended support at any interval of software usage.
  • Software maintenance and support

    • To ensure the client’s necessities, we provide application maintenance and support.
    • Instant support is available 24/7 to resolve any technical issues.
    • If an application throws any error, on priority it will be solved.
    • We test each module and fix bugs and recheck before deployment.

Our agile process for software development



Any project to start, we understand the client’s perspective to make their business successful.



We gather all the requirements and analyze the state of the software to be maintained and what to build new.



Our developers analyze each coding language and begin programming according to the code specifications needed.


Designing & implementation

Each module and database design will be done in this phase and, your custom-developed software is deployed.



Once the application or software is deployed, next comes testing. Each module will be tested for any errors or bugs and fixed.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & support

Our continued assistance towards the customized software developed will be provided during the tenure.

What makes us the best software developer in Bangalore?

Best skilled

At Webomindapps, we have top-skilled application developers to build customized software required for your business. Our developers analyze the data given to them and build each module prudently to bring feature-rich software to your company.


We deliver the most secure and best-customized software. We do a security check during testing of the security for any risk assessment. Security is what Webomindapps believes should be the top priority while software development.


Webomindapps believes in transparency is the best policy to achieve success. Each process of software development is made transparent with the client. Any suggestions and requirements to be added will be discussed and implemented ASAP.

24/7 Maintenance and support

The support team at Webomindapps makes sure to be available to guide you through your software journey post-delivery of the product. Our developers not only guide but also take care of any complete maintenance of the software once delivered. Every problem will be addressed quickly and resolved to help your software performance and speed up your business.

What our clients say

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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

As a prominent custom software development company in Bangalore, Webomindapps provides software consulting, software integration, software testing, product development, API development, and post-project maintenance and support.

Developers at Webomindapps keep upgrading their skills with any new updates to technologies. We make use of all the uppermost technologies to build your application such as Laravel, PHP framework, Node and MySQL, JavaScript and PostgreSQL, and MongoDB for databases.

Project deadlines are always based on the requirements of clients. Every requirement should be met before deployment. Therefore, each project has its own timeline; However, every module of the software will be given for review by the clients to maintain transparency of the project phases.

Yes, with customized software comes more security and less risk of jeopardizing your business by any third-party hackers. Also, custom-made software builds more trust with the customer for the company and helps businesses reach new heights.

At Webomindapps, each phase of the software development process is given equal priority. However, the most important step is to understand and analyze the requirements of the clients. Because only by understanding business, we will be able to build better software.