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PPC is a marketing strategy that provides a threshold for your business building. PPC is an acronym for ‘pay-per-click’ where the advertisers pay a fee every time someone clicks their ads. It is a method that search engines use for advertising to generate more and more clicks to your website. The yellow label at the top of the Google search results page are the sponsored ads; we have to pay a small amount to the search engines to feature their advertisements on our webpage. Then the search engine evaluates how much sale it has made from that click and in this way, we both get a profit. It is applicable for all the search engines such as google, bing, yahoo, etc. With the help of the right Adwords Management Company in Bangalore, it is possible.

We are using search engine advertising for generating clicks to our business website rather than earning the clicks organically Did you ever know, for every dollar spent on pay-per-click campaigns, businesses can earn $2, profitable, isn’t it?

PPC Campaign

A PPC campaign is designed in a way that it offers benefits for advertisers and search engines. It has been revealed in a search that the users, doing a Google or any other search on the internet click on paid search often for the products and services advertised on the page. It is also beneficial for advertisers because they get a platform to put their service ads in front of the audience; this in turn let them measure the quality of traffic that they receive from clicks.

Consequently, it is suitable for search engines as well for providing results for the revenue generated. Search engines offer PPC campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft advertising. Let's have a look at types of PPC campaigns presently available.

Types of PPC Campaign

There are prominently eight types of PPC campaigns practiced by the businesses. Let’s have a look at each of them below:

Search Ads

Search ads are the most common category of ads that is visible at the top and bottom of the search results on Google tagged with the word ‘Ad’. Keywords are the essential search triggers for the ads. Long-tail keywords are the preferred types of keywords; they help in driving more leads and also help in keeping the cost per click (CPC) low.

Display Ads

These ads appear on Google’s partner websites in the form of photos and text. This ad campaign is preferred for building brand exposure and capturing the occasional lead for your business.Display ads help to attract customer easily with visual, images, offers, coupons, etc

Gmail Promotions

Gmail promotions ads appear at the top of the gmail inbox. These ads appear with the “ad” tag on the email and the bolded subject line. It is a unique type of paid advertising. Google pays every time someone opens the email and clicks on the ad.

Streaming Ads

Streaming or instream ads appear in YouTube videos before or while watching them in the form of sponsored content.It is a type of video PPC campaign. You need to select where you want to place the ad and your instream ad will be launched.

Remarketing Ads

For remarketed ads, you need a Google remarketing code or a tracking pixel that is placed on your website to understand what products and services your audience likes to view the most. It gets them getting reengaged with your business with the products or services they have previously encountered.

Local Service Ads

This option of advertising is preferred for only traditional Google ads and local services like plumbing, electrician, mechanics, etc. These ads include your business name, business rating, phone number and operational zip code. It is used for generating local leads.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads appear on different social media platforms and are used for connecting users on social media. The most common Platforms offering these type of ads include but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.
These ads are more engaging and focus on advance targeting as it is based on individual interests, behavior and location. This is the reason it is the preferable option for companies.

Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads facilitate users to compare a product from different companies. These ads appear above the main Google search results. For starting a google shopping ad, the user needs to start a new campaign in his Google ads account and choose the type of campaign as “Shopping” Users can get a product picture, price, and your company name and some added information, such as a price drop, product rating, or free shipping offers.

Advantage of PPC Service For Business

Now that we have known the working of various PPC campaigns. It is an effective strategy with several edges such as quicker and measurable results, better conversion rates, generating enormous leads, and augmenting business sales, the most critical factors in running a business. Let’s have a look at several advantages of PPC services. Though the list is endless, we have carved out the best ten for you to give you enough reason to go for it for enhancing your services market.


Boosts Website Traffic Drastically:

People interested in your business will surely click on the ads links mentioned on your website. With this strategy, you can get a benefit of thousands of additional to be generated in no time and leading to better conversion rates and in turn, increases overall business revenue by increasing sales and leads.


Independent Of Google Algorithm Changes:

Unlike SEO strategies like backlinking requires google algorithms for their working, PPC is based on the amount of money you are planning to spend on ads and the returns you are getting eventually out of them. So changing the google algorithm does not affect it and thus, it is not so risky as well.


Gets You Quick Market Entry:

With proper optimization, you can quickly get into the competition of PPC marketing. PPC lets you get new clients within minutes. Unlike other channels such as emails, you can target audiences outside of it who are already aware of your brand and thus helping in get you unlimited access.



PPC advertisers have immense data about email contact and their website visitors. Thus it helps in acquiring new clients as well as increasing purchases from previous buyers or service takers.


Helps In Brand Development

PPC advertising helps in making your audience and other people aware of your brand. Once you have established your brad reputation in the market, your visitors will start showing interest in purchasing your products currently or in the future.


Comes With A Budget That Can Be Controlled

You can set your budget regarding PPC advertising and have complete control over it. You can choose to go for a trustworthy PPC campaign management service to get more sales and not wasting time and money on wrong ad campaigns.


Requires Payment For Only Clicked Ads

With PPC, you are charged only for the clicks done on your ads. You need to pay only for the conversions and results. Thus you can save money in advertising because even if you reach a million visitors but no one clicks, you won’t be incurred any charge.


Testable At Various Advertisement Strategies

With PPC, you can judge various keywords and advertisements at once ad decide which one is more suitable for your business and drives you more traffic. Once you have tested the best combination for your business, your PPC advertising spends can be affirmed.


Helps You Get New Talents

With PPC advertising, job seekers searching for opportunities on Google can come across your ads and get attracted to know more about your business offerings. With this, you can also save recruiting fees and acquisition costs.


Works Well On All The Channels

PPC works well with SEO, as both will have the same traffic for the ones searching for information regarding various products and services. Google ads clicks and conversions derived to optimize SEO keywords. SEO can gain organic traffic and advise PPC regarding the data obtained which can be later utilized by PPC to gain better efficiency and achieve business goals well.

Why Choose Webomindapps For PPC

We at Webominapps are a profound PPC company in Bangalore providing the best PPC services in Banglore, help you get a digital edge with a comprehensive range Pay per click campaign on Google and Bing AdWords with 7 years of expertise in the practice. We first trace out a proper plan to implement your ad campaign accordingly which includes placement of keywords and the ads on the landing page. We promise to better traffic and long-term results in the form of measured and tracked information about the visitors' count and thereby calculating your performance and the budget you have proposed for advertising purposes.we stand first for google adwords services in bangalore

  • Our pay per click experts are thoroughly versed in search advertising, display advertising, mobile app advertising, shopping advertising, and video advertising. They are working dedicatedly for higher increase higher Returns on Investmentment ( ROI ) for all types of PPC ads like search ads, display ads, shopping ads, video ads and mobile app install ads.
  • We do so by first analyzing your website products and services to offer. We do excellent keywords research and gives you affordable insights for ad creation, campaign management, conversion tracking, reporting and performance optimization. These prominent practices have made us the best PPC Agency in Bangalore.
  • We are the known google Adwords company in Bangalore for our well-researched google AdWords leading to higher rankings and also, we are among the best PPC company in Bangalore.
  • FAQ's

    Both PPC and SEO are marketing strategies, but the main difference between PPC and SEO is that an SEO is a free traffic generator tools while PPC is a paid one but it is also notable that PPC generate results faster than SEO.

    Definitely, as PPC advertising is not too expensive and the businesses need to pay only for the work upon areas thus, small businesses can afford it for driving more traffic and make their business grow.
    Of course, a mobile platform requires different kinds of PPC advertising such as Banner Ads, Native Ads, Rich Media Ads, and Rewarded Videos Ads and work as efficiently as the PC ad methods.

    For a better generation of leads, you can use the strategies given below:

    • Lead nurturing
    • Setting higher business standards
    • Customer relationship management
    • Marketing automation

    A PPC campaign launched on any platform, whether google or youtube, it requires three essential prerequisites, namely:

    1. Google ads account creation
    2. Selecting campaign type
    3. Bidding