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As a top PPC company in Bangalore, we provide various PPC campaign services.

Search Ads

  • The most common type of ads shown on search engine result pages (SERP) tagged with the words 'Ads' are search ads. They are displayed based on keywords. It's important to focus on long-tail keywords because they help drive more leads and also keep the cost per click (CPC) low.

Display Ads

  • They appear as text and images on the websites of search engines like Google's partner companies. With display ads, you can easily attract customers with visuals, images, offers, and coupons. They are excellent for building brand awareness, creating a brand buzz, and capturing the occasional lead for your business.

Email Promotions

  • Promotional advertisements are displayed at the top of the inbox in email accounts like Gmail. Advertisements are highlighted in the subject line of the email with the "ad" tag. It's a unique way of promoting paid content.

Streaming Ads

  • Streaming ads are sponsored content that appears in YouTube videos before or during the viewing of the videos. This is a type of video PPC campaign. Stream ads will be launched once you have selected the platform where you want to place them.

Remarketing Ads

  • To identify which products and services your audience wants to see most on your website, you need a Google remarketing code or a tracking pixel. Getting them engaged with your business again through the products or services they had previously experienced is important.

Local Service Ads

  • Local businesses are most likely to use this form of advertising. In addition to your business name and category, they include your phone number as well as your zip code.They are used to generate local leads. Being a top-notch PPC company in Bangalore, we assist you to get a high ranking in local results by running local business listing ads.

Social Media Ads

  • Advertisements on social media appear on various platforms and are used to connect users through social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the most common platforms for these ads. Using advanced targets based on an individual's interests, behavior, and location, ads get more engaging and effective. Most companies prefer them for this reason.

Google Shopping Ads

  • Comparing a product from different companies is easy with Google shopping ads. This type of advertisement appears above the main Google search results. Google shopping ads can be run by creating a new campaign in the user's Google Ads account and choosing "shopping". This allows users to see pictures of products, prices, company names, and some additional information, such as price reductions, product ratings, shipping offers, and so forth.

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Different digital platforms where we run PPC campaign

With well-optimized PPC campaigns, you can get high-quality traffic and leads immediately

Google ads

Google ads

Well-optimized and effectively built PPC campaigns can help a business get to the top of search results much faster with effective results. We have experienced professionals achieving the targetted results. That’s what makes us the best PPC company in Bangalore.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Facebook/Instagram ads

As one of the most powerful social advertising networks, Facebook and Instagram ads let you target and reach a multitude of people.

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn ads are indispensable for B2B marketers since they help them generate new leads, nurture those they already have, and convert those with an interest in their products.



Our ads run on DSPs and ad exchanges. Ad exchanges and data exchanges can be managed using DSPs in a single interface.

Twitter ads

Twitter ads

Advertisements on Twitter provide a very effective way to reach a more financially stable audience. For ads in Europe and the United States, Twitter ads perform even better.

Binge ads

Bing ads

In terms of search engine popularity, Bing is ranked second. Ads placed on the search engine result page of Bing also get you high-quality traffic.

Benefits of PPC services for business

As a prominent PPC company in Bangalore, we now know how various PPC campaigns work. An effective strategy like this has several advantages, such as delivering rapid and measurable results, improving conversion rates, generating huge leads, and enhancing business sales. These are the most critical aspects of a successful business.

PPC advertising has innumerable advantages, the list is certainly long. Webomindapps provides PPC services in Bangalore, thus, we have captured the most beneficial uses of PPC below:

Improves website traffic

The ad links on your website will surely be clicked by people interested in your business. As a result, thousands of extra leads will be generated in no time, increasing sales and enhancing overall business revenue



PPC advertisers have extensive data about the emails they send and about the visitors to their websites. This assists in gaining new clients and getting more purchases from previous buyers. Hence PPC is extremely adaptable to changing needs.


Unaffected by changes to Google's algorithms

While SEO strategies such as backlinking rely on the working of Google algorithms, PPC strategies rely on how much you are planning to invest in advertising and the return you can expect from it. Since it won't be affected by Google's algorithm changes, it won't be so risky.


Facilitates brand development

Advertising on PPC can help you to reach your target audience and make them aware of your brand. You make sales based on your brand's reputation once you've established your brand on the market.


Gains rapid market entry

Advertising on PPC can help you to reach your target audience and make them aware of your brand. You make sales based on your brand's reputation once you've established your brand on the market.


Provides controlled budgets

As far as PPC advertising is concerned, you are in full control of your budget. To increase sales and not waste money and time on incorrect ad campaigns, you should opt for a trustworthy PPC campaign management service.


Payment only for clicked ads

A PPC campaign only charges you for clicks on your ads. This means that you are only charged for conversions and the results you get. You can save money this way because even if you reach a multitude of visitors but none click, no changes will be incurred.


Access to new talents

PPC advertising guides job seekers to your path as well. When they come across your ads they may be inclined to seek an employment opportunity. This helps you save money on recruiting and acquisition.


Identify suitable advertising strategies

PPC allows you to judge multiple keywords at once and choose the one that drives the most traffic and is most suitable for your business. Your PPC advertising spending can be confirmed once you have found the ideal combination.


Seamless across all channels

It is beneficial to combine PPC and SEO services since they will attract the same audience of users looking for information about various products and services. To optimize SEO keywords, Google ads click and conversions are calculated. SEO can assist PPC with gaining organic traffic while advising PPC on the data obtained, which can be used by PPC to gain better efficiency and meet business objectives.


Best PPC services in Bangalore

PPC is one of the digital marketing services that pays off brilliantly. PPC or pay-per-click is a tool used by advertisers. Each time a person clicks on their ads, the advertisers are charged a fee. The goal of this type of advertising is to increase clicks on your website.

Search engines require us to pay a small fee to display our ads. This works with all search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Researchers have discovered that users who search the internet for products and services often click on paid search results. Additionally, advertisers benefit as they have a platform to display their service ads to their targeted audience; they can also measure the quality of traffic they receive through clicks.

Webomindapps offers the best PPC services in Bangalore. We're committed to increasing your return on investment and digital footprint while reducing your costs, we do this by tapping into the capabilities of pay-per-click (PPC). With PPC, your business could reach new heights and soar high above its competitors.

What makes us the best PPC company in Bangalore

With Webominapps, you are guaranteed to receive highly proficient PPC and SEM services in Bangalore. Pay-per-click campaigns on Google and Bing Adwords are among the ways we help you gain a competitive edge. This is an area in which we have extensive experience. We are the first choice for Google Adwords services in Bangalore.

Our process commences by properly planning and implementing a strategy for your ad campaign. This includes identifying and placing relevant keywords and ads on the landing page. We have a brilliant team of PPC professionals who know the most effective channels to boost traffic. As a premier PPC company in Bangalore, we aim to provide long-term results for our clients. We do this by recognizing PPC strategies that work, tracking visitor count information, calculating performance, and so forth.

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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Individuals searching for businesses in the results of a search engine generate organic search traffic, while businesses that pay for sponsored listings or advertisements generate paid search traffic.

PPC advertising tends to work for almost every industry and business sector, depending on your particular circumstances. PPC is ideal for businesses that offer services or products that are likely to be searched for online.

PPC campaigns should be considered an investment during the first three months of testing. Sometimes results can be seen during this period. In most cases, the results will be evident after adequate data collection, extensive testing, and optimization. Being a top-rated PPC company in Bangalore, we will take care of all these things.

Certainly! You will receive reports on the progress and success of your paid advertising campaigns.