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What Are the New Features in WordPress 6.0?

If you are person who wants to be ahead with technology, this page is for you. Acquire more about the new features of WordPress 6.0 and what modifications should websites make to prepare for WordPress 6.0.

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Rama Krishna

July 06, 2020

WordPress 6.0 "Arturo" is now available! This is the second major release for 2022, following the January release of WordPress 5.9 "Josephine." "Arturo" has numerous usability, performance, and stability improvements. The editor has received over 400 updates and 500 bug fix.

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What’s New in WordPress 6.0 Release?

The name "Arturo" and WordPress 6.0 were created by Arturo O'Farrill, a Grammy Award-winning jazz musician. Arturo has released over 15 albums over the last five decades and is widely regarded as having had a big impact on contemporary Latin jazz.

Let's go through what's new!

Improved Writing Skills

WordPress is constantly thinking of new methods to improve the content authoring process. That’s why WordPress is the best CMS. One of the most exciting new features this time around is the ability to pick text across many blocks to make copy-paste easier. Additionally, you can design customized buttons, and subsequent buttons will keep the same style automatically.
When converting a paragraph to a code block, you can also maintain your existing styles. In addition, you may now use the functionality of typing'[[' to rapidly view a list of recent pages and articles. This is really beneficial for inserting internal links because you won't have to open a new tab and manually search. Instead, typing [[TECHNICAL]] will bring up articles or pages relevant to the phrase.

Several Style Variations

Style variations for block themes are now possible. You can modify both the style options (the default color palette) and the available settings. It's a long-awaited feature for theme writers, who can now bundle numerous sets of global styles with a single click, while also allowing users to switch between style variations. Simply click the "Style" button in the upper right corner, and the "Browse styles" tab will appear, displaying the various styles for your theme.

New Design Tools

WordPress 6.0 has some exciting new design tool capabilities. In the Group block, you can now control spacing, margins, typography, and more all at once. Switching between stacks, rows, and group variations also provides extra layout freedom.

Furthermore, the transparency levels of colors now allow for even more creative color modification, and new border controls simplify border adjustment. A new color panel design saves space while displaying all options at a glance. Furthermore, the theme editor now allows you to alter even more templates. Author, category, tag, date, and custom taxonomies are among the themes available.

List View Enhancement

The option to lock your block is a useful new feature. You can disable a block's movement or prohibit its removal. The idea is to make it easier for clients to hand over projects without worrying about accidentally destroying things while working on the blocks. Furthermore, you may now configure block behavior on separate displays. You have the choice of displaying group blocks in a row or a stack.

Select a Page Pattern

You may now select a page pattern for new pages with this brand-new functionality. There is a pop-up with a list of patterns from which to choose. It should be noted, however, that not all themes are currently compatible with this new functionality; however, you can still use the pattern library to browse and upload patterns on your WordPress website.

Changes for Developers

With the release of WordPress 6.0, there will be a few significant changes for developers. The most significant change is that the Web fonts API will now give writers a more efficient approach to managing local fonts using PHP. A new API that prevents blocks from showing on widgets is also included, as is an improved sticky post query

Accessibility Enhancements

Each new WordPress version improves the platform's usability by making it more user-friendly. WordPress 6.0 will have numerous updates that will improve the accessibility experience for users.

Some of the most notable accessibility enhancements are listed here

  1. If no additional ALT text is provided for featured pictures, the post title will be used
  2. Improved tab order in blocks containing placeholder components
  3. earch notice in a block search
  4. Screen readers will be able to read the text labels in the Admin bar on smaller devices.

What modifications should websites make to prepare for WordPress 6.0?

The most likely reasons for troubles on your site, like with each WordPress update, are your theme and plugins. Testing the beta version of the new WordPress version on a staging site allows you to address any compatibility issues before updating your live site. WordPress 6.0 extends the full site editing tools introduced in version 6.0.

Many of these capabilities, as well as the new ones in version 6.0, require the use of a Block Theme. Not many plugins, particularly page builders, are compatible with block-related capabilities. You should also test any new Block Themes on a staging site.

Should I install WordPress 6.0?

Should you update your site to 6.0 right away, with all of these fantastic features and improvements?

As top WordPress development company Bangalore suggests, there's no incentive to hurry website feature changes. In contrast to security updates, feature-related updates can be managed at your leisure. Make time in your schedule to test the sites that you are upgrading. Also, take your time testing things out.

Remember to back up your site's files and database before updating if you need to undo the changes. Of course, if any fresh recognized security issues in WordPress core are discovered and a security release is made public, you should prepare to upgrade your sites as soon as possible. Perhaps then is a good moment to upgrade from 5.9 to the WordPress 6.0 branch. Just in case, make a backup of your site's files and databases before completing the update.

Final Takeaway

The release of WordPress 6.0 is an exciting and anticipated time for anyone who deals with WordPress on a daily basis, whether they are developers, designers, or authors. The changes listed above are only a handful of the enhancements coming with this new version of WordPress. Other enhancements include WordPress performance enhancements to Bootstrap/Load, caching API, and performance enhancements to how media is handled. That's all we have for now!