5 Reasons WordPress is the
Best CMS

There are several CMS platforms available in the market for the best website development. What makes WordPress the best CMS platform for web development? Know more about the features of WordPress that make it the best platform for web development.

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Rama Krishna

June 03, 2020

When it comes to website development, your first job is to choose the right CMS. Well, while searching for the right CMS , you will end up getting a myriad of options to choose from. Every CMS platform is blessed with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, you need to choose the right one based on your specific business needs, market, target audience, etc. WordPress is the most sought-after CMS platform for website development that is good for every business. And this is the reason why it witnessed its wide acceptance among the number of industries for developing their business website. According to the source, approximately 30% of websites are powered by WordPress. It reveals the growing dominance of WordPress in the web development industry. So, you can finalize WordPress for your website development and hire a WordPress website designing company in Bangalore. Now, you may have a question in your mind that what makes WordPress the most preferred CMS for web development, right? Well, we will let you know everything in this regard before you approach a WordPress development company in Bangalore.

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Why WordPress is the Right CMS for Website Development

Availability of Multiple Themes and Plugins

WordPress is packed-in with plenty of pre-designed themes and lets you opt for the right one to develop your website. No matter what type of business you own, you can easily find the most appropriate theme for your website development. Aside from themes, you can also get a wide choice for plugins with WordPress. These plugins are helpful in website design, image uploading, content controlling, etc. You can hire a WordPress website design company that can design themes keeping in mind your core business needs.

Highly Secured

Website security is something that is never meant to be ignored, no matter what type of website you are going to develop. So, it’s highly crucial to make the selection of the right CMS that offers the right security. WordPress includes robust security features that give full protection of your website from potential hackers. It secures your website content and also other crucial information regarding user details. Apart from this, there are various security updates released on this platform from time to time to sort out the current issue.


As an open-source web development platform, WordPress is available free of cost for users. If you are using WordPress for your website development, you don’t need to pay anything for software installation or buying any related license. You can use the software in the desired way even without paying anything.


The great advantage of WordPress is that it is SEO-friendly and thus, is the right choice for various businesses when it comes to website development. A WordPress-powered website makes the process of content addition simple. Besides, it also comes with certain features to make your website content SEO-friendly as well as interesting. With the WordPress website, you also get the liberty to use the most appropriate keywords and URLs, etc. in the content to make a website good from an SEO point of view. Your WordPress website development company can perform SEO infused coding to make your theme and website good for search engine optimization.


As mentioned above, a large number of websites are developed using the WordPress platform. So, do you think all WordPress websites are developed by professionals? Well, certainly not. Being a user-friendly CMS, WordPress allows even non-technical users to create their website based on their preferences and requirements with this platform. It comes with a simple user interface, functionalities, etc. make it a user-friendly CMS platform for website development. WordPress lets you create an eye-catchy and powerful website by leveraging a wide range of plugins, themes, tools, etc.


Whether you are looking to create a simple blog website or complex business website, WordPress can be the right option for you. Hiring a WordPress website development company in bangalore helps you in getting the desired website matching your exact needs.