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We at Webomindapps are known for our quality programming and reliable Angular JS development services for every size of enterprise be it small, medium, or large scale, applications we develop with Angular JS are highly customized, have a user-friendly interface, and have seamless performance that assists the user in reaching business targets with a complete end-to-end applications solution. Hiring an Angular JS development company in Bangalore, India enables you to get highly interactive and quality web applications services as below:

Custom Angular JS

  • With our in-depth research, thorough knowledge, and years of research, we build secure, scalable, and high-performing compatible applications across various devices.


  • A good user interface gives an appealing look at the front end of the website and engages the audience widely and gets you good traffic.


  • Our Angular JS developers develop custom plugins for enhancing the functionalities of your website.


  • With API, it is possible to integrate other software for developing web applications.


  • eCommerce solutions in the e-commerce applications such as shopping carts, product categories, and payment options can be created with Angular JS.


  • With expertise in Angular JS, we develop real-time web portals in which we can enable real-time chat features for high interaction.

Angular JS website development

As Angular JS mainly developed by Google, uses the robust JavaScript framework, it simplifies the development and testing of the rich internet applications (RIAs). Angular JS works with HTML and builds highly interactive and dynamic user interface websites and mobile applications.

Angular solutions

All new features

Angular JS web development company in Bangalore, India is preferring Angular JS over any other web development framework because of its exceptional features such as the data binding between the model and view, cross-platform app development for better compatibility, using MVC architecture, and unit testing for developing robust, clean and dynamic applications.

A complete client-side solution

Features of Angular JS Web Applications like form validation, dependencies, and data binding make a complete client-side solution. Unit testing ensures a bug-free application and better performance. Moreover, Angular JS provides CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) useful in the speedy delivery of applications.

Why do we need Angular JS development?

Our Angular JS developers understand the interactive capability of Angular JS and incorporate its complex attributes into your apps to make them more engaging and personalized to your clients.

Seamless Integration Data Binding Directives Localization Deep linking Form Validation
  • Seamless integration

    With Angular JS, applications such as HTML and other libraries can be integrated and the features can be modified to suit your development workflows.

  • Data binding

    With data-binding, models and views can be updated automatically eliminating the need for DOM manipulation.

  • Directives

    Directives let you create new HTML syntax as per your application.

  • Localization

    The localization feature of Angular JS makes your application available to all locales.

  • Deep linking

    With deep linking, the users can email links to the locations within the application.

  • Form validation

    With Angular JS, client-side forms can be validated without additional coding.

Benefits of Angular JS web development

Multi-platform support

The code developed with Angular JS supports various platforms, such as web and mobile applications, that can be reused at any of these.

Multi-Platform Support

OS compatibility

With the combination of the Ionic framework and NativeScript, Angular JS can develop native mobile applications with greater interactivity.

OS Compatibility

Command line implementation

With the implementation of command-line tools, the development and testing process can be accelerated giving instant deployment.

Command Line Implementation

Optimum pricing

We practice standard pricing and try to keep it as reasonable as possible to get the client's worth of every penny. We follow a varied basis of pricing systems, such as hourly or full time as per the client’s demand, and clarify everything before the onset of the project.

Optimum Pricing

Let's Grow Together

Why choose us as your Angular JS development company in Bangalore, India

At Webomindapps, an Angular JS website development company in Bangalore, we commit to strict deadlines and follow all the quality standards to deliver the client’s requirements with our unleashed potential and dedicated teamwork. We impart the development process with multiple iterations of delivery, testing, and deployment. Here is the detail of how Webomindapps excels in providing you with the best experience.

Professional angular JS development

We have guided our team and have made them explore and implement their take advantage of our smart and experienced Angular JS developers who implement their knowledge to gain maximized ROI.

Strategic approach

Utilizing the latest technologies with a strategic approach, we create powerful and speedy web and mobile applications for the best user experience.

Clean coding

Our Angular JS developers in Bangalore develop clean codes for a better understanding of the clients.

Global availability

Our Angular JS development services are available all over the world to address clients over the globe.

What our clients say

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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Angular JS is a versatile Java-based open-source framework that is widely adopted by many companies to develop web and mobile applications. Its multi-faceted attribute allows it to develop a clean and maintainable application.

We use AngularFire integrated with Node.js, and Grunt to develop real-time applications such as chat apps, cloud storage, and IM.

At Webomindapps, our Angular JS developers have the proficiency in migrating an existing app to the latest version from other platforms efficiently.

We use standard project management tools to track the progress of the project, have meetings, and prepare daily reports on the status of our clients.

Web and mobile applications developed with Angular JS are high performing and have the edge of loading faster than HTML pages at least five times faster.