Importance of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Everything that a website designed is to make its UI and UX better for its user. Accelerated mobile pages are ones that doesn’t require more time to show up the content. The better the loading time the better the website and user tends to stay on the website.

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) is an open source initiative project designed to optimize faster mobile pages. It’s like taking a page that’s already mobile friendly and making it load quicker, by stripping it down to basics.

Faster mobile pages + readable content = better user experience

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AMP Pros

#1 It speeds up website load time

This one is self-evident. With no pointless components to back them off, AMPs are lean, smooth, and quick. Users appreciate pages that don't make them pause, so AMPs essentially ensure that your site gets more guests.

#2 It increases mobile ranking

In spite of the fact that AMP is definitely not a positioning element without anyone else's input, it impacts portable positioning because of its quicker burden time. Conceivably, if Google begins organizing AMPs, it will have much a greater amount of an impact on SERPs.

#3 It improves server performance

In the event that your site creates huge amounts of traffic from versatile, AMP will diminish the heap on your servers and improve their exhibition. In any case, this has an immense drawback.

AMP Cons

#1 Ad revenue is reduced

Though Accelerated Mobile Pages Project supports ads, the potential to bring in revenue is severely limited. And it is not a piece of cake to implement ads on AMP-run pages as well.

#2 Analytics are a bit stripped

AMP supports Google Analytics however requires an alternate tag, which should be executed on all AMP pages. Clearly, it sets aside a ton of effort to put this tag and have the option to gather and investigate information.

#3 Amazing speed is achieved, thanks to cache

Google doesn't offer a particular innovation to make your pages overly quick. What it really does is recoveries stored variants of AMP-labeled pages and, at whatever point guests get to them, just serves them up from the reserve. You make sense of the rest.

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