Strategies To Grow And Expand Small Business

Strategies To Grow And Expand Small Business - How Does Online Presence Get Your Business To Succeed 2022?

Are you just setting up the business? Want to know more about online presence on your product in the industry? With the strategies explained here, you will be able to understand how to grow and expand your small business online.


As a leading Web design and web development company in Bangalore, we are always happy to give our shoulder to lift struggling businesses to step into the online market. Today, we're so glad to share this information with business owners who try to step online in 2022.

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This step by step guide will give a deep understanding on

  • Why should you consider online for your business growth in 2022?
  • How to market your product or service online?
  • How to outperform your business competitors and be a dominant player in the online market?

Why should you consider online for your business growth in 2022?


21, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, And it is 59.5 percent of the global population. Today, we all are connected and accessing the internet to collect information through websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms.

The reason you should opt your business online in 2022 are

  • Buying online is increasing drastically.
  • You can reach more customers without any geographical barriers.
  • You will have full control of your business with a single click.
  • The visibility of your business to your customers will be very high.
  • Marketing your products or services online is cost-efficient and scalable.
  • Customers' retention will be more than offline businesses.


  • During 2020 holiday shopping, online sales increased by 110% for small businesses.
  • During 2021 Covid Lockdown, online buyers increased by 50%.

In 2021 most of the consumers research online before buying the product or taking service. In 2022 it will increase and businesses without an online presence will fail to reach their customers.

How to Market your Product or Service Online?


Marketing and sales are not a part of the business it's is the heart of it. Without marketing, your business will not generate an estimated sale to survive in the market.

What is Marketing?

You may have the finest quality product at an affordable price, tasty menu items but, what if no one bought them? What if you launched a great business online and no one aware of it? Just Starting a business won't attract customers, It requires marketing. To become a successful entrepreneur, you should understand there is a broad difference between marketing and advertising.

"Marketing involves choosing which product to sell, where to sell, and how to promote them."
"Advertising is the process of spreading awareness of your product or service to resonate with the audience."
What is Sales?
"Sales is the process of interacting with your customers and converting your products or service into money"

The top five reasons marketing is more important for your business

  • Marketing Informs your customers.
  • Marketing helps to engage with your customers.
  • Marketing build reputations.
  • Marketing drive sales.
  • Marketing grow your business.

So How will you promote your product or service online?

We have given well researched ten effective steps to promote a new product or service. They include:

  • Creating an actionable business website.
  • Offering Loyal Customers.
  • Make use of GMB (Google My Business).
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Google Ads.
  • Utilizing Social Media Platform.
  • Active Email Campaign.
  • Educating Customers Through Sharing Content.
  • Share Customers Reviews.
  • Hosting an Event.

1. Creating An Actionable Business Website

Having a website can offer a wide range of benefits for small businesses, also it helps to increase the business value year over year. Searching leads online without having a website can be considered searching for water in the desert. Top reasons why you should have a website for your business

  • Having a website for your business makes customers feel you're professional.
  • Having a well-optimized website will attract new customers.
  • Having a website will allow scaling your business data at your fingertip.
  • Having a website with well-written content and images can showcase your products or services to visitors and convert them into customers.
  • Having a website allows integrating your Google Map business location with a website to find you easily.
  • Having a website allows displaying your best reviews that increase customer trust.
  • Having a website build brand awareness and ensures your success over the long term.
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2. Offering Loyal Customers


Loyal customers are the key part of any business in the initial stage. They not only buy, but they promote your product or service with a word of mouth in their network. So, offering to loyal customers can accelerate your sales and grow your business initially.


3. Make use of Google My Business

Google my business is a tool offered by Google to manage a business profile and to help users to find businesses near to them locally. Having GMB for your business will generate free quality leads.

Also, having GMB without proper business information won't bring any customers. Just like Google has an algorithm for ranking websites in the search engine, it also has an algorithm to rank a local business in search results.

4. Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization is a technique to rank a website on the search engine result page. If your website is not optimized to search engines, you have to spend more money on online advertising to drive relevant traffic for conversion. Optimize your website to search engines will rank high on the result page and generate organic traffic with a high conversion rate. If you're not a technical person in managing GMB and SEO, you can get help from a digital marketing agency to get the job done.

5. Google Ads


Google ads is an advertising tool from Google. It offers dozens of benefits from small businesses to large corporations. You may ask why should I run ads when my website is optimized for SEO?

When you are in the initial stage of business, you can't completely depend on SEO, because it's a long process. On the other hand, Adwords help you to drive profitable customers to your website instantly and increase sales. The main core advantage of using Google Adwords are

  • Brings instant traffic to your website.
  • You can define your customers by targeting.
  • One roof platform for all your online advertising needs.
  • Highly scalable.

6. Utilizing Social Media Platform


Social media is used only for connecting people and communicating, but not anymore in 2022. Today social media is a powerful platform with 4.2 billion active users. It helps b2c businesses to reach their customers efficiently in no time and get engaged with their audience seamlessly by allowing them to display personalized content. According to a recent report of Hootsuite, the average spent time of users in social media is 2 to 2.5 hours every single day. This is a great opportunity for your business to

  • Build brand awareness.
  • Generate traffic to the website.
  • Allow displaying personalized content through social ads.
  • Lead generation.
  • Develop customer relationship.
  • Direct sale.

7. Active Email Campaign


As the growth and adaptation to digital marketing, a question that keeps coming is "does email marketing help my business?"

The beauty of email marketing lies in personalization with full control over the audience. Still, email is used by most business professionals and common people surfing over the internet. The most popular form of email marketing is sharing a personalized newsletter with special promotions and deals of the day. Also, It will help your customers to remember your brand.

Here are the top reasons why email marketing is important

  • Support connecting the audience with personalized content.
  • Support reaching customer real-time.
  • Support to share promotional content.
  • Support scaling the result.

8. Educating Customers Through Sharing Content


Content marketing is all about creating valuable content about your brand service and sharing business-relevant platforms to educate your audience. The information you share should fuel the content and should help your audience grow and improve in some way.

9. Share Customers Reviews


Positive customer reviews are great for business. When it comes to online business, more than 70% of people look for a product or service review before placing an order. A survey sponsored by zendesk found that 90% of people were influenced by positive reviews and made a purchase decision which is a huge number. Finally, Sharing reviews build trust in your brand and products with the audience and turn them into your genuine customers.

How to outperform your business competitors and be a dominant player in the online market?


How to outperform your business competitors and be a dominant player in the online market? outperform your business competitors As an entrepreneur and business owner, you need to understand that outperforming your competitors is the only way to get success in your business and be a dominant player in the market. But, it is also one of the biggest challenges you may face in your entrepreneur journey.

Here are the top 5 matrices that keep you on track to conquer the market:

  • Look at your brand from a customers view.
  • Find your customer's pain points and solve them.
  • Build your creative team.
  • Always ensure you're offering great customer service.
  • Keep your eyes on Future.

1. Look at your Brand From a Customer View

Successful people always look at their brand, product or service from the customer's view. It will help them to understand their customers by breaking through the mental walls to know their pain points. This can be quite difficult if you are new to the market. As an entrepreneur, you should remember "Experience and failure are the good teachers to make great leaders" So keep yourself engaged with professionals and industry leaders similar to yours. The more input you receive, the more clearly you can see your brand.

2. Find your Customer's Pain Point and Solve

Finding your business audience's pain point and addressing their needs is one of the ways to outrun competitors. Collect your customer feedback after using your product or service to find the exact requirement. once you get the feedback from your customers, you can start solving the problem. Always try to solve your customer's problem, not just trying for a sale.

3. Build your Actionable Team

Behind any business success from small to MNC, there will be a great team. Even most successful entrepreneurs cannot implement the ideas and scale it alone. But, having a good team always comes with creative ideas and allows a business to grow, scale, and thrive towards its goal. There are few characteristics for a successful team, they are

  • Full commitment to their work.
  • Clear and effective in communication.
  • Shared work culture.
  • Always open to learning for upgrading their skills.
  • Organization goal-oriented mindset in work.

4. Always ensure you're offering great customer service

Businesses without customers die. Increasing key customers is a must to be successful in your industry. To Attract a key audience and turn them into your customers, your brand always needs to have a clear message, quality service or products, and active customer support (before and after the sale). Always be there to collect feedback from your customers whether it's positive or negative that helps to know where you are lagging in and key areas to concentrate on to fulfill their needs.

Here are the eight ways to offer great customer service

  • Be friendly with customers.
  • Listen to your customers.
  • Respond quickly to their questions.
  • Ask for feedback on your service.
  • Use the feedback to grow your brand.
  • Give priority to your promise.
  • Say Thank you.
  • Follow up with your customers even after the sale.

5. Keep your eyes on Future

Don't let your business outdated by following the same what you're doing today. Technology is molding every industry along with its growth. Keep up with development in your industry, follow consumer trends, and invest in new technologies to serve better.


Taking your business online is adapting to the internet. As we mentioned in the introduction part, the internet growth is so fast and its consider to one-year online growth equals about five years in the real world. But, the principal for starting a business online will remain the same. If you're stepping into your business now, the above steps will guide you on your entrepreneur journey. We're excited to see you online "Wishes from team Webomindapps".