How Much Does it Cost to Build A Mobile App in 2023?

The cost of mobile app development may vary depending on various factors. Know about each factor in detail and estimate how easily can you build your own mobile app.

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Ramya Krishnappa

April 11, 2023

The world has become mobile-centric, and mobile applications have become a crucial part of our daily lives. In today's digital age, mobile applications have revolutionized the way we interact with businesses, services, and products. As more and more businesses realize the importance of mobile apps, the demand for app development has skyrocketed. However, the cost of developing a mobile app has been a significant concern for many businesses, especially startups.

In this blog, we will discuss the mobile app development cost in 2023. We will explore the factors that influence the app development cost. And, we estimate how much it would cost to build a mobile app in 2023.

Mobile App Development

Factors Influencing the Mobile App Building Cost

In 2023, the cost of building a mobile app can vary widely depending on several factors:

1. Type of Mobile App

The type of mobile app you want to develop is one of the most critical factors that decide app development cost. Three types of mobile apps:

  • Native Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Web Apps

Native apps are built for specific platforms like Android or iOS and provide the best user experience. Hybrid apps are a combination of native and web apps and can be used on cross- platforms. Web apps are built using web technologies and can be accessed through a browser. Native apps are the most expensive to develop, followed by hybrid apps and web apps. The cost of developing a native app is higher because it requires building the app from scratch for each platform.

2. Features and Functionality

The features and functionality of the mobile app also play a significant role in determining the mobile app development cost. A basic app with minimal features will cost less than an app with advanced features and functionality. The more complex the features, the more it will cost to develop the app.

Features like real-time messaging, video conferencing, and in-app purchases require extensive development and testing, which increases the cost. Some of the features that can add to the cost of development:

  • Social media integrations
  • Geolocation and mapping
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality features
  • In-app purchases and subscriptions
  • Push notifications

3. Design

The design of the mobile app including its UI and UX is also an essential factor that affects the development cost. A well-designed app will require more time and resources to develop and so, it will be more expensive.

4. Platform

The platform you choose to develop your app on can also significantly impact the cost of development. The two main mobile app development platforms are iOS and Android. Developing an app for iOS is generally more expensive than Android app development costs. This is because iOS has a stricter development process, which requires more testing and development time.

Additionally, Apple charges a yearly fee for app developers to publish their apps on the App Store, which adds to the overall cost. On the other hand, Android application costs can be less expensive, as Google charges a one-time fee to publish the app on the Google Play Store. However, the development cost can still vary depending on the complexity of the app and the development team's location.

5. The complexity of the app

The complexity of the app is the most significant factor that affects the cost of developing a mobile app. The more complex the app is, the more time, effort, and resources it will require. A simple app with basic functionality can cost as little as $5,000 to $10,000, while a more complex app can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 or more.

The complexity of the app gets determined by the number of features, the design, and the user experience. A more complex app will require more design work, coding, and testing, which will increase the development cost. Some of the factors that contribute to the complexity of an app:

  • Integrations with third-party services
  • Custom animations and graphics
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence features
  • Backend development and APIs
  • User authentication and security features

6. Development team

The cost of the development team, including the developers, designers, and project managers, can also affect the cost. More experienced and skilled professionals will command higher rates, which will increase the overall cost of development.

7. Outsourced or In-house

When building an app, one of the most important decisions you need to make is whether to outsource or build an in-house development team.

In house

If you choose to build an in-house team, you will need to consider a variety of factors, like how to build a team and what to expect from them. For smaller projects, you may only need one or two developers. However, for larger projects, you may need to hire a separate UI/UX designer, developers for multiple platforms, a backend engineer, testers, and a manager to coordinate the team.

You will also need to decide how long to keep these employees on a contract and when you will need them throughout the project lifecycle. In addition to these factors, you will also need to provide an office space, computer equipment, and networking. Though it is possible to employ an in-house team remotely, this can be challenging and require additional resources to ensure efficiency.


Outsourcing development can alleviate many of these issues. An outsourced team is already in place and accustomed to working together, with management structures and single-skilled employees focused on one task. It can result in greater efficiency and cost savings as you only pay for the developers you need at any given time.

An outsourced application development company comes with an office, reliable equipment, stable internet and power, and a management team to ensure maximum efficiency. Ultimately, whether to outsource or build an in-house team depends on your specific project needs and resources. While an in-house team may provide long-term benefits, outsourcing can offer more immediate cost savings and efficiency gains.

8. Location

The location of the development team can also affect the cost of building a mobile app, as rates can vary based on location. Developers in developed countries like the US, Canada, and Europe generally charge higher rates than developers in developing countries like India and the Philippines.

The average hourly rate for mobile app developers in the US is around $50, while in India, it is around $25. It means that developing an app with a US-based team can cost significantly more than developing an app with an Indian team. This means in India, Low-cost mobile app development is more possible than in the USA.

9. Third-party integrations

The cost of integrating third-party services and APIs, such as payment gateways, social media platforms, and analytics tools, can also affect the cost.

10. Backend Infrastructure

If the app requires a backend infrastructure for data storage, security, and management, it will add to the development cost.

Cost estimate of building a mobile app

Based on the factors discussed above, the cost of building a mobile app in 2023 can range from $5,000 to $500,000 or more. To provide a more accurate estimate, depending on the factors that influence the price, the average cost will be:

  • Simple App Development that may take the time of 2-3 months would Cost – $4,000 to $60,000
  • Average App Development that may take time of 3-6 months would Cost – $60,000 to $150,000
  • Complex App Development that may take the time of 9+ months would Cost – from $300,000 and more. This type of unique project may include AR, VR, machine learning, and AI.

The costs to develop an app can go overboard because of the app's features. There are several options for the estimate of any app project. The most reliable one is to get the developers. Apart from this, you can use the App development cost calculator.

Hire A Custom Mobile App Development Company

A custom app company can help in building every type of app by providing a range of services and expertise in different areas of app development at an average mobile app development cost. Some ways that an application development company like Webomindapps can help you:

Understanding client needs

A good custom mobile app development company will work closely with the client to understand their needs and requirements for the app. This involves understanding the target audience, the goals of the app, and the specific features and functionality required.

Choosing the right technology

Based on the requirements of the app, a mobile app development company can recommend the best technology stack to use. This could involve choosing a programming language, a development framework, and other tools that will help in low- cost mobile app development efficiently and effectively.

User experience design

User experience (UX) design is critical to the success of any app. A custom app development company can help to design a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

Development and testing

Once the design is complete, the development process begins. A mobile application development company will develop the app according to the specifications, ensuring that it is stable, secure, and meets the requirements of the client. They will also conduct extensive testing to ensure that the app is bug-free and performs as expected.

Deployment and maintenance

After the app is complete, a mobile app company can help to deploy it to the app store or other distribution channels. They can also provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that the app continues to function correctly and remains up-to-date with new technologies and features.


Overall, a custom app development company can help to ensure that every type of app is built to the highest standards, using the latest technologies and best practices in app development. They will give you an estimate of the total cost by using an app development cost calculator. It can ensure the success of the app and provide a great user experience for customers.