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Magento is an eCommerce weapon, a platform that is open-source and provides online business people with overall control of their online stores like a flexible shopping cart system and overall look and functionality. It has powerful marketing features such as search engine optimization, a must-have process for boosting website traffic.


Magento Development Company in Bangalore - Webomindapps

Magento can be downloaded free of charge and can be configured as per all your business requirements online such as shopping, shipping, payment and promotion strategy. With a Magento Website Development Company in Bangalore and Magento’s scalability feature, shops can expand their range of products from fewer to thousands, thus cost- effectively enhancing profits as not many platforms are required for its operation. For enhancing customer’s experience, Magento offers a variety of themes and plug-ins. Magento is indeed a robust system, but delivering and showcasing a thousand products online may require enormous developers at every stage. Magento works with speed and required less reloading on an excellent customer’s experience. Magento is a self-hosted eCommerce CMS platform and is also SEO friendly. Magento Network support provides an ultimate eCommerce solution for the full range. In addition to PHP, Magento employs the MySQL or MariaDB relational database management system, and elements of the Zend Framework. It is an object-oriented programming language and requires a Magento Developers in Bangalore with extensive knowledge of all the technicalities and web server operations. Moreover, it requires skilled expertise, but Magento support is outstanding globally and always ready for your service.

How Magento Important For Ecommerce?

Magento has been renowned as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce for its flexible features and advanced marketing tools. Magento causes over $155 billion in annual sales, and it is expected to grow to $224 billion by 2020. As Magento is a leading e-commerce platform, it is known to empower 200,000 online retailers presently. Its importance can be judged through the following points:

Customer Engagement

Magento comes with a built-in SEO and fully customizable features to offer a rich and varied experience to the customers and get them more engaging. Helpful in providing an excellent post-purchase experience as well in the form of loyalty rewards such as wishlists, discounts, early-bird offers, and more with its order management tool.

Better Conversion Rates

Conversion rates can be enhanced with the help of some additional features such as a configurable cart, hassle-free checkout, and more targeted promotions, which in return helps in more sales. The growth rate can then be scaled with proper indexing and optimizing.

All Ecommerce Solutions At One Place

A Magento Company in Bangalore can transform the look of your website with its functionalities and comprehensive tools. It also has intrinsic analytical options for engaging more traffic that helps in getting more revenue and better conversion rates. With the best SEO practices that Magento already has, a client can get the added benefit of a Google site map and well-researched keywords, making it easy for customers to search your products online.

Mobile Ecommerce

Keeping in mind that mobile is becoming the most comfortable option for the users for doing online shopping, Magento development company in Bangalore has implemented mobile features for shoppers such as browse, search and buy using swipe, zoom and drag gestures. Magento Developers in Bangalore can seamlessly integrate your online store in your mobile platform and give the features of a store’s catalog, checkout, inventory, and other shopping functions at ease.

Reasons To Choose Magento

There are large eCommerce platforms available in the market, and Magento stands out amongst all due to its flexibility, versatility and simplified solutions. Here, we have tried to sketch out the most popular reasons why you must go for Magento for your eCommerce business needs and why to choose a Magento development company in Bangalore:

Extendable Features

As Magento is fully customizable, it smoothly implements the web design and business needs without affecting core system files. A store of ten products can be converted into an online store of ten thousand products with the help of Magento.

Consumer Friendly

Whether there is a small business for which you want to make use of Magento, or you are an owner or a vast enterprise, Magento has custom modules that are consumer-friendly that can be implemented without interfering with the source code. Due to this feature, it helps in retaining your customers for long and also attracting new customers.

Third-Party Integration:

A business has so many aspects of being run simultaneously like shipping providers, payment gateway, search page, a multi-lingual facility for making the products reach a global audience. With Magento, all these operations and channels can be covered on a single platform.

Scalable Features:

With the growing number of customers, the Magento website can handle the volume similarly. It has been pre-coded in such a way to accommodate the enormous size of customers and provide scalability and each stage.

Why Choose Webomindapps As Your Magento Development Company In Bangalore:

We at Webomindapps without Magento developers in Bangalore committed to bringing reliable and flexible solutions for you and extending all the benefits of Magento for your eCommerce platform, making it more user-friendly and give an extensive shopping experience to your customers. We are the garnered as the best Magento Website Development Company in Bangalore and have built over 500+ Magento Websites with our highly skilled Magento Developers in Bangalore who have their outputs combined with quality and prompt delivery. Since the advent of eCommerce and demand of Magento from thousands of our clients worldwide, we are into a practice of the rigorous, quality-driven 3-tier process of Magento development and each project goes through three stages:

  1. Design stage
  2. Development stage
  3. Growth stage

In detail, all the above three stages are explained here:


Design Stage:

A design stage is the first and foremost necessary stage specially formulated to decide on how your store will come out to be.

  • Every good design starts with a well-crafted wireframe depicting the final module of the product. We do it by thoroughly consulting the client regarding their business requirements regarding how they would want their eCommerce store to look like.
  • After crafting the look and feel of the store, we mutually decide with the client which functionalities they would like to add and which ones would be more prominent, research is done on the same.
  • A model is then prepared which acts as an initial wireframe for the final project and is ready for testing for the functionalities.
  • 2

    Development Stage:

    A developmental stage is the middle stage and more extensive and acts as a bridge between designing and final inspection

  • The development stage includes frontend as well as backend development with the use of emerging technologies such as AngularJs, ReactJs and NodeJs. Though these are very complex to understand, our team does it with ease to give you a stunning eStore.
  • The next step is Magento development which our team has already been proclaimed as the best Magento Developers in Bangalore, they put all their dedication and ensure you a result-driven and performance-driven site.
  • The final step on the developmental stage is testing where the website performance is analyzed in all aspects such as performance testing, system compatibility testing, regression testing, usability testing and security testing. Once it clears all these, stages then only are deployed.
  • 3

    Growth Stage:

    After deployment, we do keep in mind the growth strategy of your website and how well it is efficient in coping up with the existing market. We at Webomindapps will keep on updating your eCommerce website as and when any update comes up.

    We are known as the best Magento Website Development Company in Bangalore and have a workforce of highly skilled Magento Developers in Bangalore. With enlightened technology-driven supervision, we have extracted the client’s attraction and have been applauded as the best Magento Development Company in Bangalore from the masses with our sound approach and a planned strategy. Coming to the importance of Magento, it is a powerful eCommerce tool that bestows abundant online shopping features such as shopping cart and hassle-free multiple payment methods. It also supports catalog management and search engine optimization so we can approximate its versatility and all-round approach on the internet to capture all the marketing areas and to attract more customers turning into leads. Due to the same reason, Magento is used by several online marketing websites. We are one of the top Magento Development Company in Bangalore and continue Staying at the top of the competition with the best eCommerce features we offer. With our services, clients have got satisfaction thoroughly and also astonishing results to stay ahead in the game. So, get in touch with our crew today if you want to make a mark and want to promote your brand efficiently.


    There are several eCommerce platforms this digital age has offered, but Magento is the best choice for every online store owner. Other e-Commerce platforms available currently are:

    1. Shopify
    2. WooCommerce
    3. OpenCart
    4. BigCommerce
    Yes, it is possible to migrate an existing business website to the Magento platform with the help of an experienced Magento Development company in Bangalore. They will do it skillfully without any loss of your business data and will also add some more enhanced features to your Magento website.
    Though Magento provides frequent updates, it is not required to upgrade it often unless there is a significant security change.

    Magento and SEO can go hand-in-hand and let your business grow and it to more value, following are the best SEO strategies to implement:

    • Headers and title tags (H1, H2, H3)
    • Product page URL optimization
    • Duplicate content elimination
    • Using ‘No follow’ link
    • Include description
    • Add relevant images

    Magento 1 and Magento 2. Magento 2 is highly scaleable and performance-oriented.

    Magento 2 already has inbuilt SEO standards like URL structure, image optimization, page caching, and many more. To get a free consultation for SEO