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A professional look to your company is added when you create an appropriate and suitable logo. Logo design plays an important role in creating a brand imprint on customers. The logo is a visual representation of your brand that can easily be understood and recognized by all. As logo stands for the language of graphics oriented, the more interesting logo you have, the more it entices the potential customers of the business.

Webomindnapps, the most creative logo design company in Bangalore creates an effective design strategy to develop an apt logo for you. Our dedicated logo designers bestow their knowledge on logo making into hard work and craft the design for you. Our years of experience dealing with logo design has given us the ability to make spectacular logos that are impactful and unforgettable.

Key elements of a logo


The typography design of a logo is an art. An art of arranging, and organizing text and visual content appealing. You need to create a logo that symbolizes your brand name and tagline as well.

The picture

Be it an image or text, the logo you choose should be easy to understand and distinguish from other brands. It is always recommended to use both text and images to create an influencing logo.


Using different colors helps you communicate with various customers. More colors attract more people to your products.

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Why is a logo important to your business?

A logo design succeeds when the first impression it creates is a lasting one. This ensures that the target audience remembers what the business is and comes back to it later as well. This is the best way to show your audience the perception of the company. This gives your brand the desired identity and communicates the vision you have for it. If you're still skeptical, let us explain to you why a logo design is crucial to your business:

Attracts customers

  • Capture’s audience’s attention.
  • First impression to make your audience stay longer on your page.
  • Potentially leads to the conversion.
  • Logos can convey your message in 2 seconds.

First imprint

  • It reflects the brand identity.
  • Offers information on what the brand offers.
  • Without a logo, people tend to forget the brand or products.
  • Distinguish you from your competitor.

Influences the consciousness and subconscious

  • Seeks audience through color, shape, fonts, and images.
  • Consciousness and subconsciousness are always influenced by the perspective of clients.
  • Redesigning of logos should be limited.
  • Ensures that your brand remains memorable.

Principles to consider when designing a logo


  • Just by seeing a logo, a viewer should have a clear sense of who you are. Logos are said to be the best when they are understood and recognized easily by anyone. Make sure to use various formats and sizes on different platforms to make it unique.


  • A logo should be remembered by people easily. The logo should not be complicated to understood. In that case, your brand will be forgettable by most people. Therefore, make sure you have a simple yet memorable logo.


  • Do not ever try to have similar ideas or settle for a copy of somebody else’s idea. Be prepared with industries and their patterns. If you fail to notice the pattern, this may root a scuffle between the brands and cause trouble identifying you. Therefore, it is always recommended to have a unique and original logo.

Think Future

  • Creating a logo for today is always better, but how about in the next few years? Your logo should never lose its credibility once created. Therefore, create a logo in such a way that not today or never loses its essence. Or have a vision that a little tweak should make your logo look more sophisticated.


  • Having a balance in your logo brings a more artistic view. So, what is this balance? A balance in a logo refers to proportion and symmetry such as utilizing circles to create a trajectory to build an aesthetic logo.


  • Have an idea of a logo that is versatile to be used on multiple products. For instance, the same logo can be used on pens, keychains, or water bottles. It can be very large, small, or tiny as well. The logo should always serve its purpose no matter where it is used.

Unique logo designing services we offer

Logos play an important role depending on where the logo is focused to place on. As letterhead, emblem, website design, and so forth. Also, it is significant to determine the location of the logo such as the local market, nationally or internationally. With all these factors in mind, several types of logo designs are offered at Webomindapps - the best Logo design company in Bangalore.

Emblem Logotypes Monograms Brand Mark Abstract Logo Mascots Combination
  • Emblem

    Conveys the tradition and it’s one of the earliest forms of logo designing. The emblem includes images and texts. Schools and government agencies commonly utilize it for this reason.

  • Logotypes

    It is also known as word marks or letter marks. Or simply you can say pictorial logos or logo symbols. Most of the time bright colors are used to give a vivid effect.

  • Monograms

    This type of logo can be created when you are trying to overlap or combine two or more letters to form a symbol. Webomindapps’s artistic creation will clearly be seen while using Monograms.

  • Brand mark

    It is a form of logo where a symbol, element, art design, or visual image can be used to identify a certain company. Brand marks are important to uplift the brand image.

  • Abstract logo

    If you are willing to express multiple concepts and emotions in a single symbol. These kinds of logos are made of line-drawn symbols, shapes, patterns, illustrations, etc.

  • Mascots

    Mascots use living characters to represent the company or organization. They're often used by sports teams or some type of food brand, to give a sense of familiarity.

  • Combination

    As the name suggests it is a combination of various types of logos. When done well, it can be a real game-changer. You can count on Webomindapps graphic designers with your logo.

Our innovative logo design process

Determine the client’s view

We discuss with our clients to get an in-depth understanding of their vision, needs, and service. Also, our team works on the audience our clients want to reach.


At this phase, we do thorough research on our client’s company, its history, market trends, target audiences, challenges, competition, and logos used for their industry.


Here, we come up with models of the logo and exhibit them to clients. Clients preview how their future logo will look through the colors, patterns, design, and overall template.

Digitize & sketch

Now, the logo becomes more solid, gets a domain name, and so forth. After a round of feedback post digitizing it, we finalize the sketch of the logo.

Delivery & support

Once everything has been tidied up and finalized, we deliver the final product to our clients along with extended support on design and technical changes or updates that may arise.

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What makes us the best logo designer in Bangalore?

Not every success springs in one night. Webomindapps have been in the market for more than 10 years. With our sheer talent, effort, and commitment we have been called one of the best logo designing companies in Bangalore. If you wonder, why we are the best:

  • 01 We have a dedicated logo design team that focuses on your logo, keeping everything in the client's view.
  • 02 Also, we make sure we do background research for the industry's logo pattern and competitors' logo analysis.
  • 03 At Webomindapps, we believe in transparency. Therefore, clients will always be kept in the loop until the logo is finalized and delivered.
  • 04 Being the best in our industry, we do not hesitate to welcome your feedback. We try to incorporate every possible feedback.
  • 05 Once the project is completed and delivered, we provide comprehensive support for any graphic design and technical modification or updates that may arise.
  • 06 Our specialty is that we constantly update ourselves on what is relevant to keep in tune with the changing dynamics of the business.

What our clients say

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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

We take an accurate time that should be given to logo making. However, it depends on the industry and brand that has to be focused on making a logo.

Yes, we do come up with multiple logos. Clients will be able to preview and select the logo that matches their vision.

We design it for you. Our ideas won’t be the same for other clients. As the most trusted logo design company in Bangalore, we value our principles of honesty and credibility.

We provide multiple designs for your logo. We provide multiple designs for your logo along with all the necessary file types such as JPEG, PNG, and many more.

Of course, it is your vision we are trying to make it a reality. Your ideas, suggestions, feedback everything is equally respected and we tend to include your suggestion before designing another template.

Our designers embrace the thought of brainstorming with clients. We surely help you in bringing your vision and ideas that stand for your brand.

The cost of the logo depends on multiple factors. The complexity of the design, the design quality, and so forth. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the cost of the logo design.