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Logo Design

Some small things do make a big impact. The same can be said for a logo and the design on which it is crafted that represents your overall business in a symbol. So why not make it more embellished and creative with the help of a logo design company in Bangalore that gives you the advantage of creating a corporate and business logo as well as impressive business cards to spread the message. They have the team of the best logo makers in Bangalore and a taskforce of logo designers in Bangalore that grants you the finest corporate logo design as well as business logo design..

Types Of
Logo Design

Logos have different counterparts and are suggested to be designed differently for every type of the field of the business they want to represent, the scope of the business, the audience it is going to target or the scope of the business whether it will influence a local market or represent an international chain of the brand. For instance, a restaurant logo must represent a cuisine and what is going to be served to the foodie. Likewise, it should represent other industries also differently as notified below in short:

Collecting Project Data:

We set up a meeting with every client to understand their requirements, the scope of their project and their reach to their audience. Taking notes on the message the client wants to convey about their brand. It also includes whether the client wants to convey the message only digitally or in print or both.


Probably one of the oldest forms of logos. It includes a text inside a symbol. It’s used as a vintage design and portrays traditionality. Due to which, it is commonly used by educational schools and government firms.


Logotypes are the ones that are constructed and include only the words of the company, which can be in the same color or different as well. Also, known as ‘wordmark’. Here, the font is given the main focus and is given a beautiful shape, style, and color. Colors used can be bright for a funky effect but should look elegant.


Monograms are used for those companies who have long names but want to represent their logo with an acronym or a short form with initials. Monograms prefer fewer letters with effecting font styling and typography. It is more commonly demanded by law firms.

Brand Marks:

Brand marks are pictorial marks in which a brand name is written inside a picture that represents your brand which the words alone couldn’t do. It is typically avoided by new gamers and hugely demanded by the established market identities.

Abstract Logos:

These logos speak a brand with a picture and need no words for its brand representation. It is the most unique option among all.


A mascot is a choice for the companies that want to represent friendliness with the help of a logo. Mascots are flexible and fun and mostly used by sports teams or food brands to give a familiar feel.


Combination marks are the ones that utilize any combination of the above six logotypes and are a complex choice of logos.

Logo Design Company In Bangalore

At Webomindapps, we have a squad of design intellects with exceptional hands-on skills to extend a helping hand for creating your brand existence. We you are on the verge of beginning an all-together new venture or want to revamp your existing brand for progression we guide you with a corporate logo, business logo as well as business cards with your name imprint on it to give a tough competition to your competitors and also to make a forever impression on your client. There are logo design apps already present but they aren’t that effective in showing up in a professional manner. A professional designer and logo design services in Bangalore does a class-apart job and present you with what you actually need and the difference is clearly visible because logo design agency in Bangalore uses the best design software and put on a good amount of efforts in generating the best logo design for your association.

Apart from these, logos are known to be one of the most powerful marketing tools for creating a solid image in the market and establish ownership. When your customers come across a logo, they trust the brand by default. An increase in trust leads to an increase in sales. A well- designed logo has the asset of reaching potential buyers and communicate the value of the brand with them.

Why Choose Webomindapps For Logo Design?

With Webomindapps, a leading logo design company in Bangalore with its top-class logo design services in Bangalore by the talented hands of its logo makers in Bangalore, you will be guaranteed with a high-quality logo design and that too at affordable prices. Our in-house crew is always at your service to make a workable logo for your business with a sound understanding of your business conceptualization and try to inculcate everything they can in a small symbol.

With a span of 7 years in the industry, we have built confidence in delivering satisfactory services and you will always come up with a sense of satisfaction at the end by giving us a chance to be a part of your project. We as a custom logo design have gained reputation by our consistent history of performance and deliverance. Our squad makes it a point to deliver the design without missing the deadline and without compromising the quality. They immediately get on to their shoes as and when any client knocks in, that’s Webomindapps’ specialty.

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A logo comes in with different formats such as .eps, .jpeg, .png, .pdf and .ai depending on the customer’s request.

We would take a maximum of two days and come up with the most relevant samples based on your requirements.
We can give you the option of three samples to choose from. Once finalized, we get on to the design.

A professional and reputed company will always be ready to make any revisions, hence the customers should not hesitate to ask for a revision after delivery.

A combination logo will suit the best for the above requirement and can accommodate an image and a text together for better representation of a brand.