Latest Trends & Technologies In Web Development @2020

Technologies will not wait for anyone, every time it emergence with new features and all we need is to do is keep the pace up. Go through the latest trends and technologies that help you in Web development.

Similar till 2019, 2020 also demands to keep up with the emerging technologies in the market and the trends they are setting; giving rise to more competition and get a spot among the competitors. With a changing environment, it is imperative to give the edge of web development to your business and adapting to the new era and a renowned web development company in bangalore can be your savior. Choosing the best web development agency can have more benefits and can cause tremendous growth in trade.

Creative Web Development

Your goal is to stay ahead and you should be prepared in the future for whatever may come. Business does need an online portal to build credibility which is considered as one of the most important aspects for a business. It has become challenging for website development companies and its experienced developers to be focused on the ever-rising web development trends and technologies. In this article, we have tried our best to give light to some of the latest trends that are taking place and the technologies ruling over the market.

Web Development Trends & Technologies Archive:

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML)

The most deserving to be the top in the list, artificial intelligence has the best virtues due to which it’s taking over most of the areas in which a corporation does most of the functions. AI imitates human intelligence and has the ability to perform cognitive functions like learning, data collection, data analytics. They have become more prevalent and by the end of 2020, they would take over many functions. One such AI is a chatbot that provides excellent customer support 24/7 and offers an entire history of the inquiries made by the customers. Machine learning is a subset of artificial Intelligence. AI in itself is a vast phenomenon.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

With AMPs, Google intends to make business websites load within seconds With rich content such as videos and graphics along with the ads displayed on the screen. Several studies are performed and the websites’ speed is noted. The websites with AMPs were always to be of more speed. More speed means better performance. Users do like anything that loads faster and businesses can take advantage of it and get better engagement rates, so it’s a 2 in 1 benefit and one of the most efficient results giving invention. Brand development is another facet achieved through the AMP and that’s why are considered popular.

Motion User Interface (UI)

With an attractive motion UI, elements on the screen can be made to bounce and the user would find those hovering images and graphics captivating. The way motion UIs are cast, the front-end picture you get is elegant. When developing a motion UI, web development companies in Bangalore integrate custom animation and CSS transitions libraries saving their and product owners’ time and cost. Hence, they play a pivotal role in enhancing the website conversion rates, an utter need for any business.

Voice Search Optimization

Web development has made it possible to work on search queries with a voice instead of text. Statistics report that 55% of teens and 40% of adult mobile users use voice search daily. A prediction has been made that by 2020, approximately half of the overall search-related queries will be done with voice only. The reason is the comfort that it is providing to the customers with quick results. For this reason, they are increasing the responsiveness of the website which is a go-to factor for web developers.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology uses to record digital transactions in a secure and encrypted manner. It is widely used by famous organizations such as IBM, Walmart, and FedEx. Blockchain term is originated from the term ‘chain’ that refers to making a chain of data. You don’t need a third-party application to look after the transactions. Due to its virtues, several industries are utilizing it giving rise to the requirement of highly skilled professionals. In fact, it has been revealed in a recent survey that blockchain-oriented jobs are the second rapidly growing job market. Learning and taking up a job in Blockchain can greatly impact the business.

Responsive Websites(RWDs)

Any discussion on emerging technology trends would be incomplete without mentioning responsive websites with which the web development agency in Bangalore aims to make the website working smoothly irrespective of any platform; be it a desktop or mobile. RWDs use HTML code with CSS libraries for rendering the websites. The responsive website draws the right indexing and top rankings in the search engines. The code used is universal for output devices and provokes competitiveness.


Any discussion on emerging technology trends would be Today, online marketing is the biggest marketing trend and almost every company wants to launch its business online. Some of the business is running on an online platform only without running out a physical store and still earning in huge. The main reason is the hassle-free payments they offer and the feature of not going out anywhere and purchase anything from anywhere. But this knack has also brought with it the risk of cyber frauds taking place and enlarging every day. People use online payment methods and their credit or debit cards and their confidential data is constantly exposed to which cybersecurity is the necessary countermeasure taken against cybercrimes such as phishing attacks.

Final Words

With a list of 7 best and latest technologies trending in the market, we have tried to give a picture of the present market scenario and how every business should adapt to the practice of constantly changing the environment. Hence, if you too want to take advantage of web development for your business and want to implement it for the betterment of your sales and ROI, then this is the right time for you.

Without any further delay, hire a website development company in bangalore today and make the best of your business and witness it appearing on the top of the competition!