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With HTML5, it is possible to design and develop interactive websites that increase your brand value and brings out loyal customers. HTML5 has brought new techniques to solve technical problems for developers. Along with being interactive, HTML5-developed websites and apps are equally secure, efficient, and scalable. Being a top-rated HTML5 website development company in Bangalore, India, we develop ingenious web solutions compatible with various platforms.

If you are looking for an enhanced HTML5 development company, your search ends here at Webomindapps.

Best HTML5 website development solutions

Webomindapps HTML 5 website development company in Bangalore offers help in achieving greater heights in today’s digital age and works as an optimal development solution. We provide sustainable web development solutions operated with the best framework such as Bootstrap, PhoneGap, Sprout Core, AngularJS, and Ember.js. We also employ other HTML5 software development technologies such as Silverlight, MYSQL, jQuery, Python, Apache Server, and many more. We are equally proficient in all of them. Webomindapps will only offer the best development services with the best of its design capabilities. Our web development services include but are not limited to:

HTML5 Website Development Services Application Testing Services Mobile Application Development HTML/HTML5 Conversions
  • HTML5 website development services

    You can trust us for providing the most secure, scalable, and high-quality custom HTML5 websites with our HTML5 website development services.

  • Application testing services

    Application testing is a part of the quality assurance process and our in-house team tests HTML5 applications and determines if they pass through standard parameters.

  • Mobile application development

    HTML5 can be efficiently employed to develop mobile applications for offering the best services to mobile users and give them a comfortable platform to explore.

  • HTML/HTML5 conversions

    We can convert files of several formats into highly designed HTML5 & CSS markup. We will code your received file and transform it into a high-performance and Google-friendly website.

HTML5 website development process

Webomindapps as an efficient HTML5 website development company in Bangalore, India follow an effortless step-by-step process for HTML5 web development and start with creating wireframes for highlighting the user interface and functionality as a prototype of the final design.

We go through a rigorous 6-step process briefed as below:
Drafting Business Requirements
Drafting business requirements

The foremost practice we follow is collecting the requirements from the clients and how they would like to employ HTML5 technology for their enterprise needs.

Requirement Analysis
Requirement analysis

Once we receive the requirements, our core team analyzes each of them regarding the scope of the project, and after a thorough peer-to-peer review, we draw a quote for a proposal regarding the project deadline.

HTML5 Website Design
HTML5 website design

Once the wireframes are distributed and a project skeleton is ready, we head on for the website designing process and simulate the wireframe to fit in with the analysis performed.

HTML5 Website Development
HTML5 website development

Development starts after the design work is done under the supervision of a project manager by implementing the relevant frameworks and technologies according to the project and guidelines to meet up the business requirements.


Every developed website has to go through a regression testing procedure to test its performance across various platforms. Its usability, navigation, and fixing the bugs reported during this process. Once the quality assurance team gives a green flag, it goes for final delivery.

Project Delivery
Project delivery

We take pride in delivering a well-designed and well-developed website through the hands of our talented yet professional workforce and ensure it meets all the quality standards and the client would be thoroughly satisfied with the deliverance.

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Benefits of HTML5 website designing

HTML5 has come a long way and has proved itself the best version of HTML so far for its outstanding capabilities in conjunction with CSS3 to enhance the user experience and marketing. With HTML5 tags, it supports hassle-free multimedia capabilities such as playing videos, drawings, and animation files without any add-ons, and plugins. Above all, it enables support for offline cache and databases for developing browser-centric applications.

Here are some of the benefits of HTML5 Website designing and why HTML5 Website Development Company in Bangalore, India prefers it over other applications for the features it offers:


  • The HTML5 developers can get the edge of clean backend coding with HTML5 that are easier and improves search engine visibility at the same time. Higher web visibility, in turn, leads to high rankings for the crawling search engines.


  • HTML5 is efficient enough to run smoothly with multiple browsers at the same time for the exceptional coding standard. It works alike in known browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. That's why many industries demand.


  • The content appearing on HTML5-powered websites is easily accessible and readable. Thus, useful for various users who can understand the content and the internal tags easily.


  • With the huge augmentation of the mobile market and users finding comfort in making use of lighter devices such as mobiles and tablets, HTML5 fulfills the needs of developing apps and websites compatible with mobile devices.


  • HTML5 comes with multimedia capabilities to support audio and video files without any additional plugins eliminating the need for third-party applications for playing the same. It can also give errors that HTML5 does not have to worry about.


  • HTML5 makes use of an offline application cache for storing application code in the local system. Thus, the HTML5 apps can also be accessed without any internet connection.
Why Choose Webomindapps

Why choose Webomindapps as your HTML5 website development company in Bangalore, India?

At Webomindapps HTML5 website designing company in Bangalore, we have talented website designers Bangalore who can create responsive access from any output device or browser without changing the look or feel. We have affordable solutions for Flash to HTML5 conversions also that need changes in the user interfaces, graphics, and formats without any glitches. We use a lively development methodology for delivering our HTML5 online and mobile solutions.

What makes our services highlighted among others:
  • 01 Quick turnaround time
  • 02 Cost-effective solutions
  • 03 Conjoining CSS3 with HTML5 helps in shrinking the app size and enhancing its performance on any device on which it is accessed
  • 04 Proximity to advanced user interfaces, and rich media
  • 05 Independent of the user's geographic location
  • 06 Offline storage capabilities

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A team of HTML5 and subject matter experts can help you achieve the following business aspects:

  • Business Analytics
  • Custom UI/UX design
  • Quality assurance
  • End-to-end HTML5 development

As HTML5 offers built-in multimedia and graphics support, it can be used for game development, and the game company clients can reach out to us.

Using a combination of HTML5 with CSS3 can do wonders, and we can efficiently develop a unique website frontend for CMS applications.

We integrate e-commerce software such as Magento and Drupal that can create an e-commerce website with options such as product category, pricing, and ordering.

We can develop HTML5 and PHP-integrated applications where you can rent or buy books online, search for books, and add them to the cart.