increse the conversion rate of e-commerce website

How to Increase the Conversion Rate for the eCommerce Website Organically?

To increase organic traffic for the website is what every business yearns for. Increase in the traffic surely help your convert in to lead. Follow simple methods given in the article to convert the rate of eCommerce website organically.

Blog Author
Manikanda Pandian

June 18, 2020

So, your website is able to generate vast traffic, but still not able to convert them into potential buyers? Well, you are not alone! The case like this one arises with most entrepreneurs who are not able to tackle it.

Meanwhile, this is something that is really a serious matter of concern, as no businesses can survive for long without improving its conversion rate. Be it PPC, affiliate marketing, or SEO, you get several options to encourage people to visit your website. Before choosing any option, you need to ensure that your website is well optimized to encourage visitors to buy your products.

Ecommerce Developers

Be its high-quality images, free shipping, limited-time coupon code, live chat software, competitively priced, or others, your eCommerce website should have everything. If not, you should get in touch with an eCommerce website design company in Bangalore to get their assistance for the same. And optimize your website for increasing conversion rate.

As we talk PPC, affiliate marketing, etc. are the way to increase lead generation and conversion rate of the website. But, they are expensive and everyone can’t afford to run such a campaign for a long time. Therefore, you should focus on the improving conversion rate of your website organically, which is an affordable way of generating visitors and also the conversion rates.

Ways to Increase Conversion Rate of your eCommerce Website Organically

Here, we are going to explain certain tips that will help you in increasing lead generation and conversion rate of your website. And you will be able to run your business more profitably.

Use a Simple Design Layout

Your website should have a simple design to help visitors easily find everything that they are looking for. Your website should have a simple design interface that helps users in completing their goal hassle-free. For instance, if users wish to search for a particular product, they should be able to spot it without spending so much time.

Your website should be blessed with a simple navigation option to help customers go from one section to another without any hustle. Your website should include an easy checkout process to help buyers purchase products easily.

Make sure your eCommerce website has a compelling design and should be able to encourage visitors to buy products and services. In case you are not satisfied with the existing design, you should approach a reliable eCommerce web design company. You need to ensure the company is aware of various latest eCommerce design practices and promises to implement the same with proficiency.

Improve Speed of your Website

The average loading speed of an eCommerce website should be 2 seconds. If your website takes more time to load, then it will fail to match your expectation in terms of attracting visitors and increasing conversion rates.

You can get assistance here from a reliable eCommerce web development company that will help you in this arena. A slow website not only fails to attract new visitors but also tends to discourage existing customers when it comes to buying products and services. On the other hand, Google also considers website loading speed as a criteria for online ranking. This makes it clear that website speed is a vital factor for increasing the conversion rate of an eCommerce website organically.

Responsive Design

The growing number of mobile users brought the concept of responsive design into existence. The great advantage of the responsive design of your website is that it can appear on smartphones and thus, help you in targeting a large number of smartphone users across the world. It helps you get your website more visitors to access. Apart from this, responsive design is another crucial factor that Google considers for the online ranking of any website. All you need to do is to check your website if it appears on mobile devices properly. Make sure, all images, buttons, etc. are visible properly on different screen sizes.

Integrate with Social Media

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others are of late working effectively in helping eCommerce websites in generating higher traffic. And it also increases the conversion rate to help you generate higher revenue. All you need to do is to create a separate page of your website on different social media platforms and share important updates related to your website. It drives visitors to your website and prompts them to buy your products and services.

Add Description, Ratings, and Reviews

You should include targeted keywords while writing a description of your products. It will help your products get visible in search engines. So, when buyers search for the same products, your products will display on their screen. The most important thing that you need to do is to make the description easy to understand. Apart from the product description, your website should also include reviews and ratings of the product. The reason is that the majority of buyers prefer to go through descriptions, ratings, and reviews before buying any products. So, these are the vital things that you need to take into consideration and include on your website to increase its conversion rate.


No matter how good your eCommerce website is, it will not help your business grow if it fails to convert your visitors into buyers. You can improve the conversion rate of your website organically, if you are blessed with a limited budget on the same. Above are some crucial steps that you need to take into account to increase the conversion rate of your website. Get in touch in touch with an eCommerce website development company to find complete help in this arena.