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Companies that don’t have an in-line team of CMS developers find it difficult to maintain their business websites. Taking assistance from a certified CMS website development company in Bangalore, India could be your best decision because it will provide you with the best custom CMS web development services and make a smooth content delivery.

We at Webomindapps, create entirely professional CMS websites at affordable prices. Websites with content are now opting for efficient CMS solutions for better website management and publishing content online in lesser time. We take pride in providing the best CMS development services in Bangalore to organizations of any size, small or big, at any scale, a start-up or large scale organization to deploy the voluminous content on their corporate website.

Great CMS solutions come with a good user interface. We have proficient scalable solutions that enhance usability, and the beauty of your website. Updating website content includes modifying the images and altering the design templates as well. CMS website follows a dynamic approach of interacting with the clients and enhancing the profits abundantly. Our experienced web developers develop CMS websites with open-source CMS tools such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, .net, etc.

Different types of CMS development services

WordPress CMS website

WordPress is one of the simplest website platforms to use with a powerful content editor and site manager with a dedicated control panel.

Drupal CMS

Drupal provides a flexible website with tremendous functions such as the gallery, forums, and event calendars and it also has better developer API and community support.

Magento CMS

With the continuously increasing e-commerce market, Magento development is preferred for the e-commerce website the most as it provides all the solutions such as payment options and online shopping.

Custom CMS
using PHP

The reason the PHP CMS platform is popular is because of its asset to handle small to complex website applications. Using PHP results in highly responsive and inborn workflows that make it easier to customize based on the client's requirements.

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Reasons why you need a CMS website

Commonly, businesses use HTML as their markup language to add texts, images, colors, and videos. But they have certain limitations of the ability to code for one page or two. With CMS, you can take the benefit of better content management with in-built templates and more website speed. Because larger business would have multiple web pages with massive content that needs to be modified, published, and created frequently.

Other reasons to choose a CMS website from a CMS website development company in Bangalore, India are as follows:

  • With CMS, customization of photos and texts is much easier. It is possible to customize a single page among many.
  • CMS comes with a host of SEO plugins that can help your site rank higher in the major search engines and increases your online traffic. Plugins are optimizable to any changes and are also user-friendly.
  • CMS development company in Bangalore always strives to inculcate the website with plugins that can protect them from all potential security threats and make them secure from the vulnerabilities.
  • CMS stores all the website content in one place and enable quick and easy update saving your time and money.
  • CMS websites can be useful in creating web forms about any company and also for email marketing and social media marketing.

Features of CMS web development

The basic CMS features include creating, editing, and publishing fresh content on the pages. The content can be text, images, videos, or links. But CMS goes further beyond and also provides plugins and analytics. A detailed explanation regarding the features of custom CMS web development services is as below:

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admin control

Admin control

CMS facilitates an admin panel with multiple user controls according to the roles assigned to them to configure and customize without additional programming. The admin dashboard eases the management of content by easily handling the workflow, streamlining content production, and reducing complexity. With the admin dashboard, you can also:

  • Track the scheduled content
  • Monitoring site activity
  • through plugins
  • Controlling multiple sites and platforms together
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SEO tools

SEO tools

CMS provides SEO-friendly tools and features such as page redirection and blogging that saves users time. CMS creates URLs for the audience and search engines and performs off-page optimization. A CMS can help you in:

  • Adding meta descriptions
  • Adding page titles, alt tags, and images
  • Help search engine results look better by supporting structured data
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Social Media Integration

Social media integration

Social media platforms are used to interact with the key audience and encourage people to share their content on the platforms. CMS takes into account the social tools in the following ways:

  • Adding buttons for sharing content on social media
  • Automatically formats web articles on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and attaches the username to shared content.
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Detailed Analytics

Detailed analytics

CMS integrates and uses the most efficient analytics tool such as Google Analytics to track the website and business performance easily on the dashboard. With good CMS you can get business insights such as:

  • Content interaction on the platform
  • The technology used by the audience
  • The type of content the audience is liking the most

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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Yes, we do. Today people are always in need of a platform that is easier to manage and get more rankings. For which they may want to migrate their existing database and give it a new form with altogether different functions for which CMS migration services come in the picture that migrates your data to a whole new CMS application and that too securely. We ensure migrating the data entirely and without any error.

We strictly follow a process of signing a non-disclosure agreement with our clients before the onset of the project that explains every term and condition regarding project delivery and payment which both parties abide by.

We build an e-commerce website with various e-commerce options that include adding products from categories and sub-categories, getting discounts and promotional offers, multiple payment options suitable to the customers as well as shopping carts for which we facilitate you choosing color schemes and other amazing features.

Our talented team at CMS website development company in Bangalore, India, knows the functionality and limitations of both open and closed-source CMS. We prefer to choose open-source CMS more as they are flexible and maintained by a dedicated community of developers. As closed-source CMS involves high upfront charges for licensing and modifications that increase the client’s budget.

Webomindapps provides you robust CMS that allows you to publish engaging high-quality content as your SEO strategy. With the knowledge of the latest technologies and wide application of standardizing publishing tools for making your business stand out and unique among your competitors.