Attractive Ecommerce Web Development: 8 Essential Features to Keep in Mind

To stand out from the competition, you need to have an incredible website. To create an attractive ecommerce website, you need know the features that provides the better UI/UX.

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Manikanda Pandian

January 10, 2022

E-commerce website development has catapulted itself to the top. Businesses are focused on their online store development, as there is a direct improvement in their trade and revenue. It has been proven that an attractive Ecommerce Web development & design and go a long way in promoting businesses.

The whole world has turned digital, and if you sell anything you need to hop onto the e-commerce platform bandwagon. The new era of shopping entails a top-level e-commerce website to facilitate the buyers' consumer experience. An e-commerce platform helps build a solid relationship with your customer from anywhere around the world. Come day or night one can rely on an e-commerce website to deliver their needs.

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The ever-growing market has brought on a multitude of competitors to the playing field. To gain momentum and also stay afloat in this competitive environment is tricky but can be done. Having a platform where customers can visit and conduct their purchases with ease will play a primary role. This can only be achieved through a robust ecommerce web development. Do not be hesitant to invest in a good quality website as the rewards from it will be multiplied immensely.

Ecommerce websites have additional attributes to a regular website. There is a plethora of information one has to be meticulous about while structuring an e-commerce website. The website design, the page load speed, images and payments facilities, to list a few.

Why do you need an ecommerce website?

Developing an e-commerce website involves numerous procedures, the programming, management of the database and building an efficient structure. If you already have a website, and it is not performing as well as you had hoped, then it’s necessary to redevelop your website. Also, you can take help from one of the best ecommerce website development companies i.e. Webomindapps to create your online ecommerce store.

Either way, whether you're planning on creating a new e-commerce website from scratch or considering the re-development of your e-commerce website, here’s a checklist of 8 features to keep in mind so that you are on the right track.

Key Features for Attractive E-commerce Website Development

These are some essential features that you need to follow for successful development of your e-commerce website.

Proper Platform and Suitable Motif

This platform would be the base of all your business and engagement activities, so it is necessary to make the foundations of it strong. When considering an e-commerce web development platform, choose the ones that fit your needs in terms of expandability, manageability and flexibility. With the right features and a proper ecommerce web development platforms, your business can really do wonders.

Another crucial aspect is the motif or the theme of the website. It is what will capture the customer’s eyes at first instance when they take a quick scan through the website. Thereby it's important to ensure that it is - visually appealing, swiftly loads, tailor-made to the brand, works on all browsers and all in all a responsive website design.

Premium Quality Images

Seeing is believing or a picture is worth a thousand words are all phrases that reign true, especially when it comes to online purchases and online ecommerce web development. Customers tend to leave websites in a matter of seconds if their attention is not grabbed. A few moments is all it takes a customer to decide whether they should linger longer on the website.

Good quality images play an impactful role in retaining customers. People often want to get a good look at the service or products that the company is providing before they make a purchase. Including 360-degree view images or product videos are certainly a bonus!

High-resolution images are said to earn the confidence of the customer, it makes the websites seem more genuine and worthy of their trust. Decisions are often made based on these pictures. Hence, go the extra mile and make certain all the pictures on your website look like a million bucks.

Valuable Product Description

A good product description for an e-commerce website has to cover the key features of the products that a consumer desires to know in a crisp and clear fashion. Long descriptions are arduous to read and might not be beneficial at all. Organize and structure the description of the product well so that it makes it easier for the customers to make their choice. Highlight the details that would possibly help customers make their decision.

Making the description scannable is an additional need for your ecommerce web development. Numerous research has shown that customers browse through pages with lengthy descriptions so keep it -simple and scannable.

Break up paras, or whatever format of content it might be and use bulleted lists. Users are more likely to engage and absorb those pieces of information that are easy to grasp while they casually browse. The audience responds to material that is coherent to them, which would invariably drive your sales. So yes, keep it short and simple.

Website Security at Privacy Protectione

Addresses, email ids, bank details are entrusted to the e-commerce company when a customer decides to make a transaction with the business. Customers expect you to keep their personal data safe.

It is also obligatory to inform customers on how their data would be used by the company and the website, a transparent privacy policy is extremely needed. In ecommerce web development Payment information requires high security so it is better to not save credit card information on the company’s website, as it will lead back to your company if there’s a breach in security.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Forming and maintaining a loyal bond with your customer is essential for a lasting business relationship.

Website Speed Optimization

Everyone has a lot of things going on and their time is precious. If your website takes too long to load, people will not stay but rather move on to the next option that grabs their attention (and loads faster!) Customers tend to abandon those websites which take too much time, they leave annoyed and will probably not return.

The time it takes for the web page to load will heavily impact the site’s performance. Since 2018, page load speed is taken under consideration by Google’s algorithm while ranking pages.

Ultimately, the need for speed and speed optimization enhances customer experience, improves rankings and boosts sales.

Fulfil the SEO Checklist

SEO has to be taken into account for ecommerce web development. Along with speed optimization SEO also has a part in affecting the position of the website after a Google Search. Using SEO assists the pages to receive a higher rank organically, which will enable people to find your webpage.

The consumers’ behaviours can be identified and used to benefit the e-commerce website. By using the best SEO practises, your site will be able to rank better and result in increased traffic to your site. Which is unquestionably a very desirable trait for an e-commerce website.

User-generated Reviews and Rating

New customers are motivated to take a chance on your e-commerce website when they see previous positive reviews, ratings and feedback. It gives new audiences the much-needed nudge to try the products or services the business has to offer.

Helpful feedback and reviews show customers that previous buyers were happy with what they received. It also comes in handy to understand the feedback about your products, where improvements and tweaks can be made in ecommerce web development.

Being proactive to receive reviews is also recommended, sending emails to customers who have bought products for a while now is also a great way to have beneficial reviews, which would then target the new customers.

According to the statistics of Qualtrics XM, 93% of potential customers read the reviews before committing to a product. Ratings and reviews provide people with that vital reassurance before they buy, so it cannot be brushed off as inconsequential.

Effortless Navigation and Transaction

The categories displayed must be simple to use and easy to navigate. If there’s an infinite number of categories and menus to go through to reach the customer’s desired product, chances are the customer would have quit using the page a while back.

Considering Seamless navigation during ecommerce web development by enabling filters makes it easier for the customer to find what they are looking for. This will ultimately make it easier for them to purchase.

A hassle-free transaction is the final step. Opting for a good payment service should be part of the budget of your ecommerce website.The customer has so far enjoyed the e-commerce experience and that’s what has brought them to the end. Therefore it is pivotal to make the check-out happen without any issues. Something like - no clear return policy, unforeseen shipping costs, some payment types are not accommodated or some other issue might pop up at the end which is a turn off to the buyer.

The excitement of the shopping experience is extinguished. It is always better to put up the shipping costs much earlier on so that there are no unexpected or unpleasant surprises. To the best of your abilities try to incorporate various payment types. This would assuredly give the buyer a satisfying e-commerce experience.

A smooth user experience is the main objective and it can be attained by being mindful, which will eventually guarantee that your e-commerce business soars.


Final Words

As mentioned above, these are some important characteristics of an attractive ecommerce web development. You can consider better user experience of website, safe payment transactions, smooth navigation, valuable content & visuals and many other things that will make your online store attractive. Thanks for reading this blog.