Angular vs React vs Vue

Angular vs React vs Vue: Which Framework is the Best Choice for 2023

We have several frameworks for developing a website, make out the difference between each and choose the best front-end JavaScript frameworks that suit your project.

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Ramya Krishnappa

Feb 16, 2023

Technology is everything now and it has changed the world we live in!! If you are a business owner of a web development company or a front-end developer, you must be in dilemma in choosing the best framework for your upcoming project, due to the popularity of the big three most prominent and consistent frameworks namely Angular, React, and Vue. In this article, we will try to help you in choosing the right front-end JavaScript frameworks for 2023 depending on the business requirements and your individual preference for your next project.

All Three Frameworks are component-based and help you create the best UI features. Let’s compare Angular vs React vs Vue and look at each of the frameworks with their unique parameters and features and how we can use these when selecting web frameworks. Let’s start with Angular:

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What is Angular Framework?

The first version of the framework is called Angular JS, a TypeScript-based JavaScript framework developed and introduced by Google Team in 2010.

Later, the technical impediments were removed, redeveloped, and released in 2012 by the same team as Angular in 2016. The Framework is quite successful due to regular 6 monthly updates and greater community support. The latest Angular 15 version has been released on November 2022.

Features of Angular
  • Angular is best to create for more complex and large enterprise applications and allows you to manage, build and test apps more proficiently. It has great community support and has been developed to meet in-demand technical features.
  • Angular is a complete framework and full-fledged solution that doesn’t requires extra modules and components. Especially since it doesn’t require third-party packages.
  • Angular projects are organized into Modules, Components, and Services. It has at least one root component and one root module. Each component in Angular contains a Template, Metadata, and a Class that defines the application logic.
  • Angular templates are written in HTML but can also include Angular template syntax with special directives to output reactive data and render multiple elements, among other things.
  • Services in Angular are used by Components to delegate business-logic tasks such as fetching data or validating input. They are a distinct part of Angular applications. While Angular doesn’t enforce their use, it’s highly suggested to structure apps as a set of distinct services that can be reused.
  • Angular is built in TypeScript, so its use is recommended to get the most seamless experience, but plain JavaScript is also supported.
  • The type safety features by typescript help to prevent a lot of bugs in the development stage.
  • The best advantage is that it provides cross-platform mobile applications with Angular using NativeScript as its framework is more established and can easily be scalable to the changes in the platform.
Drawbacks of Using Angular
  • The syntactical structure of Angular makes it difficult to learn and to master this the developers require more time and energy.
  • Due to its more syntax, Developers find it a more complicated language to learn and deploy.
  • It’s a big hindrance to developers since it didn’t provide a good migration feature from older versions to newer updated versions. And also rendering speeds are much slower than any other frameworks.
  • Due to its complete platform support, any new update release can sometimes be a hindrance to a new developer
Widespread Apps built with Angular
  • JetBlue
  • Gmail
  • Forbes
  • UpWork
  • PayPal

What is React Framework?

This UI rendering library React was established by the software developer of Facebook, Jordan Walker in 2013. React is an open-source frontend JS framework that is based on JSX which is a combination of JavaScript and HTML.

The best part of React is that it’s very easy to learn, which is why it became popular in the short run. It’s one of the MERN stacks that are the expansion of MongoDB, ExpressJS, React, and NodeJS. React Native is the best part of reacting which helps you to construct iOS and android applications.

Key Features of React
  • React is the best framework for Smaller and Medium sized projects. It topped the industry in the last 5 years due to the regular updates given by Facebook and regular improvements leading to have best community support.
  • If any project has very tight timelines with the requirement of high performance, React framework stands first to satisfy customer needs.
  • With JSX component and ReactDOM with VirtualDOM component orient structure with more detailed documentation the learning curve of React is super easy and makes as the best choice of Framework for developers in 2023.
  • It also allows us to transfer a lot of information more easily. Another best part of React is that there is no prerequisite of classes making it much easier to build React with very less coding rather than the complex code of other web frameworks.
  • React-codemod scripts help the developers to migrate from the older versions to newer versions without any impediments and obstacles with more ease way and without any errors.
Disadvantages of React
  • The dependency on more third-party & JavaScript libraries is a drawback for React since it’s only a UI library.
  • When we need to integrate traditional MVC with React it’s a bit complicated due to intricate configurations.
  • Since it’s not a complete framework, the developers need to spend extra time and commitment to creating a structure for the applications.
Widespread Apps built with React
  • Skype
  • Walmart
  • Netflix
  • UberEATS
  • WhatsApp
  • Tesla
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
What is Vue?

Vue was just created by ex-Google developer Evan You in 2014 but it became more viral in just a few years due to its in-built nature and more customizable functionalities. Vue has recognized itself as a well-intentioned competitor of React and Angular.

The best part is an open-source community-driven framework that has more support and is very easy to learn and develop. Vue came with a massive set of features and a progressive framework since it can expand its UI features with a lot of 3rd party packages under Vuex and Vuerouter to create the best primary framework.

The best fastest development environment works on the ViewModel layer with high stability and more control for our project.

Features of Vue Framework

  • The best quality output product can be achieved by Vue when compared to React and Angular. Its lighter-weight framework and MVC structure, help to define the functionalities of the project rather than spending splendid time creating the structure.
  • Vue completely depends on templates HTML hence it’s the best framework of 2023 in terms of learning and development.
  • It provides faster and more flexible transfer of data through the apps due to the Virtual DOM and its components.
  • There is no dependency on third-party tools, and easier to develop web applications with backend support due to the support of Laravel.
  • Instead of learning a new syntactically filled language, Vue has the privileged of utilizing the existing JavaScript which makes the developer ease of learning it and developing high-performance applications.
Disadvantages of Vue
  • Even though it has been available since 2014, still it has limited plugins and very less libraries. Hence more companies are preferring other frameworks for their stability and community support.
  • If quality and scalability is the main goal of the project then Vue is not the best framework for it, due to its limited libraries, the development scope is also less and code quality may be poor.
  • And most importantly highly qualified Vue developers are very less in the market so for high-budget projects Vue is not been taken as a framework since less confidence in the developers and the instability of the framework.
Major Apps built with Vue
  • Behance
  • GitLab
  • Grammarly
  • Nintendo
  • Trivago
  • Adobe Portfolio

Final Thoughts

To wrap up and help the new developers and entrepreneurs, this blog will give you insight comparison of Angular vs React vs Vue and help you to choose the better framework in 2023. In short, Angular is a complete framework so that you can choose it for a large, scalable application. In terms of high security and flexibility, React is the better option, To develop any small application and move it to market in a faster manner then Vue is the best.

I am leaving the conclusion to the application developers and the business owners to select the best Framework for 2023 depending upon the business needs and vision of the project by analyzing the above enlisted best features and drawbacks of each of these three frameworks Angular, React, and Vue.

All three frameworks [Angular, React, and Vue] are growing at vigorous speed due to their regular updates and releases. Due to the fast-growing global market, we can’t conclude that only these 3 frameworks are going to the future, day by day the market and technology are evolving, and even better frameworks with high security and scalability may come in near future. But as of now, analyze the requirements of the business and project desires and choose the framework more sensibly!!