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10 Essential features involved in eCommerce website through increase Conversion

Isn’t it conversion the main motto of any eCommerce website? Add these 10 essential like developing responsive screen, Wishlist, multiple payment options, reviews and many more to convert your users from viewing to buying.

Blog Author
Manikanda Pandian

August 28, 2021

Increasing the conversion rate of the website is a common goal for every business. When it comes to eCommerce business, the role of the website becomes crucial in making the business profitable. Be it catching the attention of customers, driving them to buy products, facilitating them online shopping, or making payment, an eCommerce website performs multiple tasks.

It clearly reflects the role and importance of an eCommerce website for helping you in operating your business successfully. So, if you are planning to develop your own eCommerce website, you need to plan effectively to increase its conversion rates.

E-Commerce Development Company

Right from the landing page to the contact page, an eCommerce website design company goes through everything to make the right strategy to boost the conversion rate. Apart from this, you need to be familiar with several features that play a pivotal role in increasing the conversion rate of your website.

Advantages of Leveraging Front-End Technologies for Web and App Development

Let’s discuss here some reasons why it is necessary for you to leverage these technologies for web and application development.

Top Features that Boost Conversion Rate of your Website

Let’s discuss here certain features that eCommerce website development companies most-frequently implement to increase the conversion rate of your website and help you grab opportunities to increase ROI.


In other words, a mobile-friendly website enjoys a better position in Google and other search engines. It helps your website easily generate higher traffic and thus, let’s discover more potential buyers.

The growing popularity of Vue.js made it the stiff competitor of other technologies such as React and Angular.

Wish List

Buyers quite often spot several products that they find quite interesting and wish to save for future shopping. It prompts various eCommerce owners to integrate wishlist features into their websites.

Wish list encourages visitors to even choose those products that they wish to buy in the future. It works as a virtual desktop table that ensures higher customer engagement, which is indeed good for engagement.

Creating a wish list also enables you to share your brand with your new customers. When your customers share their wish list with their families and friends, it helps your websites in generating higher traffic that is necessary for increasing its conversion rate.

Green Bar SSL

Online buyers often give preference to those of reliable brands when it comes to buying any products. No matter how good products you offer, customers will not buy the same if they find your website is not trustworthy. And it also increases your cart abandonment rate.

Adding a green bar SSL makes your eCommerce website highly reliable. It helps customers easily identify you as a reliable brand and they will frequently buy your products and services. Apart from this, it also prevents your website from unauthorized access and also from hackers.

The other great advantage of having an SSL encrypt for your website is that it works effectively when it comes to encrypting visitor’s payment information. So, hire eCommerce development services in Bangalore possessing enough experience in leveraging technology.

Multiple Payment Options

You must understand the fact that your website is meant to accommodate a large number of online buyers. And it’s not necessary that they all use the same option for payment. Be it digital wallets, bank transfers, e-invoice, or others, customers may opt for either of ways to pay for the products they shop.

So, your website should have multiple payment systems to cater to the needs of a large number of buyers. Of course, it’s not possible for you to include all options for payment on your website. But, you should include all the popular payment options that most customers choose frequently.

High-Resolution Images and Videos

Images and videos are the most crucial things that are capable of easily catching the attention of customers at the first glimpse. In other words, using high-quality images and videos makes a great impact when it comes to increasing the conversion rate of your website.

Before shopping for products, buyers go through all the available images. And if they find images are impressive, then they proceed further. So, it’s advisable to use quality images captured from different angles.

Make sure images that you are going to post are able to give your customers a true idea about the products. Your customers should also be able to avail of a zoom facility. So, they can keep their eyes on every detail of the products. Images that take too much time to load tend to adversely impact sales.


Be it a company or product reviews, these are something that also has a direct impact on the conversion rate of your eCommerce website. The first thing that your customers do is go through product reviews before buying it. You must understand the fact that reviews are the most powerful tools that can pursue your customers to shop.

All you need to do is to request your customers who have already shopped for a particular product to send reviews. Once you get reviews, you should add them below the related products. So, your new customers can easily go through the available reviews and make the final decision of buying products accordingly.

One-Click Checkout

Always remember, online buyers never wish to be involved in the hectic shopping process. And they prefer to shop for products from those websites that let them shop with simple steps. So, it’s advisable to include a one-click checkout process to encourage customers to shop hassle-free.

A simple checkout process enables customers to skip the add to cart step and avail the option of check out quickly while still landing on the product page. You can easily remove some unnecessary steps from your existing checkout process and then, make it simple to reduce the cart abandonment rate.

Multi-touch Point Contact Page

Another feature that can positively impact the conversion rate of your eCommerce website is a multi-touchpoint. A perfectly designed contact us page makes your website reliable. This is something that keeps a great relevance, especially if your website sells technical and also those of high-end merchandise.

You can implement a multi-touchpoint on the contact page of your website to improve its appearance. It’s advisable to go for multiple ways when it comes to reaching out, be it email, phone, online contact form, or other options.

Advanced Security Features

Apart from Green Bar SSL, your website should also be blessed with several other security features that are highly important for making it secure.

When it comes to online transitions, these have become a crucial part of eCommerce space. This is the reason why eCommerce websites are on the prime target of hackers. So, it’s important to make your eCommerce website secure and protected by implementing high-end security features such as two-factor authentication, use of a firewall, privacy policy link in the footer.

Social Proof

Using social proof enables you to easily win the confidence of your customers and they will get every reason to trust you. All you need to do is to link your social profiles and also those of user-generated content with the website to influence customers.

It helps them in making the right decision. Social platforms are important since it lets eCommerce brands to provide customers authenticity and also relate themselves with the emotional connection with the products that they wish to purchase.


So, above are some of the most popular features that are most-frequently implemented by eCommerce website development companies to improve the conversion rate of your website. If you have already had an eCommerce website, make sure it is blessed with these features.