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Travel Portal Development

Travel portal development is high in demand these days and all the service providers are facing fierce competition and every Travel Portal Website Development Company in Bangalore desires to deliver the best Travel Portal Development Services to cater to the needs of B2B, B2C, and corporate clients. This is due to the fact that the travel industry is growing every day and as the world is getting digital, every user wants to make online bookings for saving time and hassles in booking the tickets. Hence, it is necessary that the website they are accessing must be smooth in navigation and mandatorily responding at every platform to provide ease to their customers for making the flight or bus ticket bookings.

Advantages Of A Travel Portal:

Earning the brand presence is necessary for expanding your travel business and a smart approach is getting assistance from a Travel Portal Development Company in Bangalore and get the offering of a travel portal. The Internet has robust potential in promoting the industries in travel and tourism, people tend to demand it as they are as curious to discover the beauty of the earth and want to reach everywhere.

A travel portal implements travel technology and has the following advantages:

  • With a travel portal, you get the real-time data access
  • Travel portal can help in minimizing your maintenance cost as all the operations are done online and you get more output in lesser time.
  • You can be available to your customers and provide the necessary support for any queries regarding the travel bookings 24x7.
  • Travel portal can save much of your time as well as money as the major tasks are done online and money invested is only for the development of the portal.
  • Travel portal can make the bookings instantly giving higher customer satisfaction.
  • All the factors above if implemented successfully helps in expanding your business widely.
  • Why Choose Webomindapps
    As Your Travel Portal Development Company

    We at Webomindapps have been serving our clients for their travel portal development for over seven years now with our acumen and sound technical know-how. We strive for fulfilling and providing all the features listed above along with some additional features as well. We integrate third- party API and XML modules in our travel portal software with payment gateway and SSL integration. We encourage our clients to tie up with third party businesses for adding the performance layers.

    We as a Travel Website Design Company in Bangalore design and develop the distribution mechanism of your website with a GUI and interface with which it can create several agents whose accounts will have a GDS (Global Database System).

    Prominent Features Of Our Travel Portal Software

    With our travel portal development services, the following features are possible:

    1. Providing links on the website for accurate redirection
    2. Development of CMS and global distribution system for domestic and international air booking.
    3. Development of CMS and global distribution system for domestic and international hotel and resorts booking
    4. Bus API integration for a bus booking engine
    5. Car API integration for car rentals
    6. Advanced Search engine
    7. User Registration system
    8. Travel Insurance Module
    9. Secured Socket Layer (SSL) and transport security layer (TSL)
    10. Secured Payment Gateway Integration
    11. Admin Panel Rights
    12. MIS Reports
    13. B2B Setup Development
    14. Agent Registration module
    15. XML Module
    16. Airfare Calendar
    17. Third-party integration for Visa & travel Info Integration
    18. Third-party integration for Accounting Module
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