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Future of eCommerce with an Artificial Intelligence
2019 is a year with a lot of technological progress in our daily lives.

This article is written by leading eCommerce website design company in Bangalore.

Artificial intelligence is playing a vital role in every sector especially in the eCommerce sector too.A recent Market research firm Frost & Sullivan study suggests that blooming Business-to-Business(B2B) eCommerce sector will worth £5.2 trillion by 2020, as more and more companies move from their traditional ways of operating to online platforms. Being the best eCommerce website development company in Bangalore we are suggesting the following ways will help to implement artificial intelligence in eCommerce to better understand their customers and also to improve customer experience.

  1. AI assistants and chatbots will help customers 24/7 and solve their queries without human intervention.
  2. Customer-centric visual search through which the person can upload the item picture to which they want to buy and AI enables customers to easily find similar items through eCommerce stores.
  3. Improving the quality of a search engine using machine learning in eCommerce.
  4. Predictions of customers using AI will be more helpful to filter fake reviews and demand for specific product categories.

  5. Machine learning will help in the case of dynamic pricing in eCommerce.
  6. Recommendations engine in eCommerce works by analyzing collected big data on current traffic on websites can able to determine the online activity of hundreds of millions of users basis of it you can able to create product recommendations, tailored to specific customers or groups..(Even you can contact our team to get your free consultation for eCommerce website)
  7. Machine learning will help to identify trends and discovering patterns from sets of data and all without being programmed to recognize the pattern or trend to really get the inside head of the average customer and what they think of your products or services.
  8. Artificial intelligence has also improved the cybersecurity of eCommerce websites it can prevent or detect any fraudulent activities.
  9. Voice powered search is slowly replacing text-based Search in online shopping in the near future. According to a study by Comscore,50% Of the searches will be based on voice Searches by 2020.
  10. Integration of AI with customer relationships management system is an effective solution to manage sales. This AI-enabled allows a CRM system to answer customer queries and even identify new opportunities for the sales team.

Artificial Intelligence is the latest revolution after mobile. We have seen internet-based eCommerce, mobile commerce and its AI commerce now. It’s almost impossible to have a conversation about marketing without mentioning AI, machine learning and automation.
If you are interested in implementing Artificial Intelligence to add value to your business’s, then approach eCommerce Website Development Company in Bangalore who ready to discuss different options which suit your website needs and requirements.
If you are interested in implementing artificial intelligence to add value to your business’s, then please reach out to us and we’d be happy to discuss the different options that may be available to you.

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