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The Process We follow:



A proper strategy is devised after a thorough consultation with the client and determining to cover every minor detail about the business requirements. Our team of expert web designers and website developers Toronto always follows a proper practice by gathering relevant information. We design a website in such a way as to meet the client’s expectations and knowing their target audience and, after listing down the same, creating a planned strategy.



Just after gathering all the business information, we start planning how to strategize the process to be followed. Our specialist team executes the devised plan very strategically. The planning stage covers creating the initial wireframe, flowcharts, and a skeleton of how the final website will look like.

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Web Designing

After crafting out the best possible plan for a great running website and ensuring it goes well with current technology trends, we select the best infographic that is expressive at the same time. It includes best color combinations, images, videos, content placement spaces and beautiful font types perfectly going along the business theme. Additionally, we try for easy navigation and a user-friendly site.

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Website Development

We believe in leaving nothing behind and pushing our boundaries and use skills in an efficient way. After the completion of the design stage, we go on adding readable and curated content in the form of text, followed by a series of implementing development technologies at the backend for making the website running properly and without any glitches on all web browsers.



After passing through all the stages above, we test the content for its uniqueness and any grammatical errors. Then, we deploy the website and check it from every aspect with a thorough regressing testing phase of usability, responsiveness and keeping its look intact with every test performed. We do it by crafting out every testing step in a separate excel sheet.


After-Sales Service

After the designed website is tried and tested, we look into the marketing impact of the website. With the help of a highly-skilled team of SEO, SEM, SMM and digital marketing, we see that it is able to promote your brand adequately. A website should be in such a way as to attract enormous viewers and give innumerable results in a single- click.



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Web Designing Services


Website design is based on and written in the following languages and perform the associated functions:

  1. HTML: Base template design
  2. CSS: Style sheet
  3. JavaScript: Encompassing functionality
  4. PHP: Server-side scripting
A website can be considered bad if it behaves in the following ways:
  1. Constant blinking images
  2. Lack of coordination between background and text color
  3. Lack of overall alignment
  4. Too many images
  5. Too many headers
On WordPress, you can easily add pages and other features to your site and customize its appearance as per your business needs.

Getting help from a renowned hosting service and increasing the number of your website visitors is a done thing. With a good website hosting service, people can access your website.

It is crucial to choose an agency that will offer you a stunning website with the following edges:

  1. Cost-effective solutions
  2. Trending technologies
  3. Measurable results